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Parallel Programming
by Jim Fallon

There are Infinite Versions of You In This Universe. Scientists like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein have long pondered the idea of alternate universes.

The scientific concept is of a vast endless sea of bubbles, each bubble containing a great universe. The concept of infinity is that there is an unending, all encompassing mass of events and people in one of those universes. There's a twin self, of yours, in one of those universes in every situation imaginable.

One of the many ideas evolving from the concept of infinite 'bubble' universes is that of time. In infinity, everything that can be imagined is happening now. In the present reality there is no now as time is a flow always moving, the words you are reading are already in the past, look away from them and they exist only in your memory. But in an infinite universe, your twin selves exist in every occupation, with every talent and in every time. Picture the greater universe as an endless series of still photographs that become activated when they are observed. The still photographs encompass every moment of time and event imaginable from the birth of the universe to its demise in some unimaginable distant future.

This is a basic quantum physics concept that many scientists accept. They do not however tell you how to reach these other selves, in those other universes. You cannot, they say, escape from your own bubble.

But shamans and other esoteric experts who also believe in infinite universes with infinite versions of you say you can. You can, they say, reach that twin self and bring back to this reality the energy or pattern of any aspect of that self. It is much like shamanic journeying, where there are different portals or doors that allow entrance into a different world. It may be the operation of a matrix of consciousness that connects everything.

Exploring parallel universes is a unique creative visualization technique that allows you to access the full power of your subconscious mind. Explore parallel universes and meet alternate versions of yourself that exist in them, and receive their guidance and wisdom in accomplishing virtually any desire you can possibly imagine, speaking to and learning from the version of yourself who has accomplished your dreams, gaining insight into anything or any skill, like healing. Even being able to manifest wealth from a dimension where this is normal for you.

First of all, you use your imagination to create a duplicate of yourself as a kind of energy field or "light body." Most all traditions worked with some form of this light body, such as the Chinese (WuCen), yogis (jyothi body), mideastern mystics (chariot body), Christian mystics (holy spirit), Andean shamans (luminous body), Hawaiian kahunas (Hoaka body).

The exercise itself is simple. You simply set an intent, relax, and visualize your light body going through a doorway or portal that leads to the dimension to meet the parallel self. With your imagination, make this experience as realistic as possible, using sight, sound and touch, then step through the doorway, observe and merge with the parallel self so that you can bring back the pattern and energy into this reality. It is this pattern and energy that reprograms your "light body" blue print of you to make the necessary changes and install the necessary energy patterns needed.

Next, bring that light body back and merge it with your physical body, imagining as vividly as possible that the patterns of your "twin self" are becominjg part of your own body. Finally, perform some physical action--anything at all--to express in this life the pattern you have incorporated from your parallel self. Accept whatever rfesult you get, big or small. Gibve the new pattern time to settle in, so to speak. Practice some aspect of it if you can, and allow yourself to repeat the exercise at another time to strengthen the effect of the transfer.

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