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Meat Puppets
by Mary Olsen Kelly

We have these soft, darling, squishy bodies, just a thin layer of skin filled with water and bones and meat. This body will do anything for us. Want to eat way too much? OK! Want to fill yourself with alcohol and drugs? Sure - lets do it! The body is like our slave, we command it to do whatever we want, and like a willing slave, it obeys. So, it is our responsibility to take good care of this sweet being - it's like a trusting child.

In Huna there are three selves: the Aumakua or soul, the Lono or mind, and the Ku or basic self. The Ku is the one who actually does all the work of living our lives - the physical, doingness of life. The Lono is the director, the brains behind the operation, the one lining out the duties and projects. The Aumakua is the soul, the thread, the real mover and shaker.

The Ku is motivated by a willingness to please, and moves away from pain and toward pleasure. It is the Meat Puppet, the sweet soft body, the basic child self.

So, we come in to this life with this darling adorable little baby body, and we inhabit it all our physical life. The meat puppet is a shape changer - it changes shapes and sizes constantly throughout our long life, and it has the brilliant ability to heal and mend itself in miraculous ways. I believe that the body is the direct route to the spirit. That's why illness and disease and physical challenges throw us immediately into spiritually. The body is the doorway in to the divine.

I have always loved puppets and the whole idea of puppetry. The puppeteer manipulates the puppet, sending voice and character and personality through the inanimate puppet to bring to life emotions, stories and lessons.

We, as the meat puppets of God, are doing the same thing. We are bringing to life the emotions, stories and lessons that the divine wants to perform through us. It is so cosmic and so theatrical at the same time. God as one big puppeteer, bringing life to countless meat puppets, bringing the life stories out of all of us. And we signed up for this - we volunteered to be this embodiment of God Goddess Life Force by taking on a body and coming in to life.

Life is one big theme park, or one big educational entertainment for us. It is all here for our enjoyment and learning, and it is all designed to delight and stimulate and fill us with life.

Imagine for a moment that you are an angel, you do not have a body, you are sheer spirit. I think that the joy ride of the human experience would look pretty fun; sometimes a love story, sometimes a horror story, always an educational journey.

So, a soul or spirit would be eager to jump in to this consciousness blossoming theme park, excited to see how much life it could stuff into one incarnation. Happy to be meeting up with old friends from former lives, happy to sign on for the emotional whirlwind that awaited.

And at the moment of birth, there is a forgetfulness spell, all the knowledge of choice was masked so that we could enter the world innocent and unaware of our purpose. That way, we could spend the life time rediscovering what that purpose was! What fun!

The soul's evolution - that is the ultimate adventure. And we're all on it right this minute. Every person we meet, every experience we have, all for the purpose of our learning and growing and evolving.

Is it true? It is to me.

Life Review, personal life evaluation, it is so much fun to go through this phase of looking back over our lives and discern the patterns, the awakenings, the moments of clarity, the years of being asleep. The blossoming consciousness, the opening to awareness of who we are, what we are doing here, the clues to understanding our personal life and it's meaning, all of this is addicting. It is such fun to learn, personal growth is mesmerizing. It is all part of the theme park.

Enjoy the ride. Love life. Play well.

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