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The Purple Bag
by Jim Fallon

Imagine in front of your there is a large purple bag. It seems to be made of whatever material appeals to you and when you look inside all you see is blackness with sparkling lights swirling around. If you think it might be a magic bag, you're right.

There are some things that you can place in the bag, if you like. Some things about yourself, your thoughts your ideas, your difficulties, your hopesÉ

Begin by putting your name into the bag and everything it means about you; what it says about you; how it feels to have this name. Notice it just swirling in the sparkling lights.

Place your clothes in the bag; your favorite outfit; your entire wardrobe; all your jewelry and accessories.

Place your hairstyle in the bag and your makeup; your perfumes, your lotions, your medicines and vitamins, and everything else you put on or into your body. Notice what it says about you, what kind of statement it makes, what it means about you. Watch it all slowly swirling in the bag and notice those things that are most important to you.

Put your furniture in the bag, your entire house and everything in it; add your car, boat, bike and whatever else you ride in or on; include your phone and all your electronics. Notice all of those things you own, swirling in the sparkling lights. and think about what they say about you, what you are trying to tell people about yourself.

Now put your job in the bag; your hobbies, all the organizations you belong to; and all those ideas that you are what you do.

Put your mother in the bag, and all of your ideas and thoughts about her; do the same with your father, you sisters, brothers, grandparents, husband or wife, children, friends; now place in the bag, anyone you have ever hurt; those people and things you felt were good, bad, right, wrong.

Put all of your complaints in the bag, anything you have ever complained about; all your judgments; your need to always be right; your opinions, opinions about what you have and have not accomplished, opinions about failure, reputation, things you're guilty of, laws you broke, arguments you had.

Put in the bag all the agreements you didn't keep; all the relationships you left; all the relationships that left you; opinions others have about you; opinions your parents had about what they wanted you to be; what your friends wanted you to be; what your boss wanted you to be; what you enemies think of you.

Put in the bag your need to be argumentative or revengeful; your need to be alone; your desire to not tell the truth; your desire to not confront others; your refusal to let other people teach you; your reluctance to empower other people; your need to justify what you do wrong; the reasons for way you are what you are; that little voice in the back of your mind that is always telling you what to think and what to do.

Place in the bag all of your beliefs about money, men, women, sex and your own sex organs; beliefs about your weight, your complexion, your size and shape and appearance; beliefs about race, God, religion, politics; all of the ideas and fears you have about death and loneliness.

Put all of your current problems in the bag; the clothes you are wearing now; your naked body. Look around and put anything you might have forgotten in the bag, anything about you, put it all in there; everything that is you is swirling around in the bag among the sparkling lights.

NOW, realize that YOU are NOT in the bag.

You are who is looking at the bag.

You created everything in that bag to help you experience yourself.

You can keep or discard ANYTHING in the bag. It is YOUR CHOICE. It is YOUR choice. You are not who is in the bag. You are not the THINGS in the bag.


In a moment you are going to give the bag a big kick. You are going to send that bag into the universe far away from here and let it go. Remember, though, now you can keep whatever you choose, it is your choice.

Ready? Now count to three and give it a big kick, so hard that is goes flying far into the outer reaches of the universe. One--Two--Three--and watch it go, farther and farther away, so far that is gets really small, now becoming a tiny speck in the distance, so small now that it is totally gone--just gone.

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