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Snow White and the Seven Principles
by Mai-Britt Rosendal

Once upon a time in a land far far away, lived a good king and a loving and honest queen.
The king and the queen were very happy but for one thing. They desired very much to share their great love and happiness with a little princess, but so far they had not received the answer to their prayers.
When the queen found she was indeed blessed with a child, there was much happiness across the kingdom. All the people loved the good king and queen and rejoiced for the happiness that had befallen their kingdom.

The princess was born in the month of snow. Her hair was as black as ebony, her skin as white as snow and her cheeks as red as roses, just like her mother had wished for.Because her innocence was white as snow, they named her Snow White.

Shortly after, the good queen was called home to our lord.
After some years the king married a new queen. The new queen was a trained sorceress and had a few tricks up her sleeve. One was the production of sweet looking apples poisoned with two of the deadliest poisons she knew: Fear and Doubt.
She evil queen's major problem was that she had herself eaten enough of these poisons, to be only alive on the outside.
She was very beautiful, but she doubted this obvious fact all the time. She was very powerful, but she feared that she would not be loved.

Since the queen had married the good king, Snow White was really a kind of daughter to her.

Snow White was as good as the day was long, and it was indeed very long in those days. All the people of the kingdom loved Snow White for her goodness, honesty, compassion and joyful happy beauty.
She was a nature's child, always playing in the woods of the castle, talking with the animals and dancing and rejoicing at night with the stars that shone through her open window.

The queen saw how everyone loved Snow White and not her. The queen had a magical mirror that she talked to. It told her only the truth, and this she needed to keep track because the poison of the fear and doubt she had eaten was making her life a living hell.

For many years she had mistreated Snow White, and the mirror had still told her that she was the most beautiful one in the kingdom. Now Snow White went from being a child to being a young woman, and instantly the mirror told the queen the facts: Snow White was now the most beautiful one in the kingdom.

The queen, as we all know, went crazy. The child she had accepted in order to get power and a crown, had turned out to be a precious jewel beloved by everyone, and now more beautiful than her fake mother.

The queen knew from experience of this sort of story that this meant she was as good as dead. The story would pass on to her semi-daughter and she would be left in her shadow-existence to die while Snow White would get to experience all the adventures all the magic and all the power.

The queen went into a tantrum of fear and self-doubt and suddenly knew how she could prevent Snow White from getting the action.

She laced her sweet apples with the poison she herself suffered from so badly, and shape-shifted into a sweet-looking old granny that everyone would trust.

When Snow White, who had been hiding in the woods with her friends the 7 principles, saw the sweet-looking old granny coming towards her with a basket of apples, the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, effective and in-effective, she thought to herself:

"Hmmm...let's see, the world is what you think it is.
I sure like apples and knowledge! I'm also very innocent...but to create real change you have to be spot on honest to yourself before in fact being able to kick off any transformation... It's a problem. Let's say I just close my eyes and remember the pain of losing my mother, and then think of the sweetness of apples... and then, say I decide to go: oooh the world is what I think it is, and I would like that old woman to not be a witch about to poison me with the thing she has suffered from herself her whole life... I wonder if that will amount to radically shaping the world to be what I want it to be, or if I'm in fact going to get poisoned and spend an awful lot of years semi-dead in a glass coffin, till some prince decides to wake me up for good."

It was an irksome question and the nice looking woman kept approaching with her fruits that smelled like summer and death and tears of loneliness.
In that moment a blue butterfly landed gently on Snow White's snow white arm, and she was reminded of the 6th principle: Mana, all power comes from within. She suddenly laughed with relief. The answer was simple. Confidence. When there's an option of trusting something outside yourself that is employing disguises and is run by fear and doubt; and of trusting your own inner power of connection with all power and love there is, the choice is simple:
Trust yourself.
As soon as she had made the decision the old woman stood before her in her true shape. The Witch Queen. Snow White told her without further ado that she was not going to eat fear and doubt however prettily served, and then held her own mirror to the unhappy queen. The queen looked into it and it shattered into a thousand pieces.

Snow White asked her step-mother who was now sobbing like a little girl, to step into her warm embrace. The queen, having lost everything, felt flexible and did. Transformation will happen. Only our choices decide if it's going to be painful or playful.

As the queen entered into Snow White's warm embrace, she was suddenly part of the beautiful young woman she had hated and feared. Snow White got her apples too, as she could now access information and experience in the first person, concerning how the suffering of doubt and fear worked, and how to let it go. She was immensely grateful to the evil queen and loved that part of herself from then on, in a special place of her heart. The queenÉ well, she was the most beautiful creature and immensely powerful, but she had learned that you get more beauty and more power by embracing the part of you that knows it is worthy of love.

After this, the beautiful princess mounted her white horse and rode out into the big wide world to seek adventure. I'm sure she found it. She married a prince too, who was later going to be a good queen in some other tale of mystery and wonder, but that is not part of this story. Shape-shifting was a gift Snow White had received from her step-mother, and she used it playfully, joyfully and with love, but never in order to hide, manipulate or protect herself. There was no need since she had the self-confidence to trust herself, and the love for every person she had ever been part of, or transformed.

She knew there was no guilt for the past crimes of her witch-aspect, and that, exactly by seeing it and accepting it inside herself, she had transformed it forever. It could never again create experiences of pain and suffering for anyone, herself included.
That was all pretty neat, and qualifies as one big :
"So they lived happily ever after - and had lots of fun"

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