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After The Storm
Jo Danieli

Let's assume you are realizing that the principles of the Huna kupua tradition embrace the basics upon which everything in this Cosmos works (remember: "cosmos" means "order"). You are realizing, furthermore, that there is only one way into a really wise process of life: through living the Huna principles. Cool. Now let's assume that you are already practicing your new view of the world ... and boy could you be shook up! But take it easy. You are not the only one.

In professional psychology there is the term "catharsis" which means "inner cleansing." It is always beneficial. Like the spring-cleaning in your household. At first, it looks like an overwhelming mess, but after the work is done ... what a relief.

Entering the Huna life sometimes feels like a stormy adventure. A thunder-storm even. With lightning and shocking sounds, rain that pours like out of buckets. Wind and chill. It makes you freeze and want to hide. But always focus on the pleasure of enjoying that clean, sizzling, good smelling air after the storm and on how far you can see in the blank sky!

The inner world shows itself as enormously agile and willing to react, as soon as a human being decides to become active in "self-therapy". The aim is always to achieve what is widely known as self-realization. "Self-therapy" is nothing but the careful handling of one's own feelings, thoughts, wishes and bodily messages. It means, furthermore, to develop intentions and goals that make sense, are healthy and beneficial. Living a life in a Huna sense includes the decision to accept any help that shows up in one's life, ... and it can have any form of existance: physicians, massage-therapists, counselors, plants, ointments, teas, pens, woolen coats, cats, countrysides, sweets, movies, jam, shoes, swimming-pools, underwear, tennis balls or bicycles ... as well as the stories of friends, radio-announcements, story-boards in chewing-gum packets and quotations from the Tao Te King.

"Self-therapy" means, to take responsibility for one's own life and accept and use the ability to influence the future and the body by means of one's own mental energy.

When I started to develop into a Huna being, I did not become more calm and considerate, but more angry and nervous. "Aha, the Huna-crisis," Serge King let me know in a fatherly way. It was through email, but I could almost see him nodding, slowly, knowingly, like he was sighing, "Poor one, it's tough, not to be avoided and will hurt a bit, but it's worthwhile."

Old habits had started to fight against the new ones I meant to introduce. That was it. I understood. After all, I was studying those implications.

Friends suspected that "the thing with the Huna" was not that great like I used to swear. Why? Because they did not recognize me. No, to deal with oneself in a Huna sense, with the "aloha spirit," does not mean to run around as a new loving being from one day to the other, smiling and unconditionally loving. Right on the contrary: You might experience unconventional disgust about a lot of stuff going on around you and especially in you.

No one who is not able to really mean new life when he says new life gets into a Huna crisis. It shows yourself how serious you are with your new path. To live in the "aloha-spirit" requires you to be able to accept and honor whatever is going on within you and not judge and criticize it or yourself - just understand.

Strange things happened to me (maybe Serge knew, that's why I saw him frown) ... it seemed that whatever I tried to do right turned against me. I wanted to take a new, quicker route through the town of Vienna, to save time, and the tramway was stuck for an hour. I bought an electric oven for my flat because the gas-line was damaged, and an electricity failure occurred. I wanted to drive my car extra carefully and struck a fence. I intended to buy new bags for my vacuum cleaner, and the kind I needed was sold out in every store because of a production shortage. I wanted to get ready quickly for a long time planned date, and my favorite shirt tore, the blow-drier burned through, and I stubbed my toe so badly at a kitchen counter that I couldn't wear my really sexy slippers, and my dog got stomach troubles and had to be walked, so that I was late (no, I did not punish him for that, the date was a failure anyway). I wanted to make sure that my holiday photos got developed safely and as quickly as possible in the best photo shop, and the messenger, who was supposed to bring the load with my film in it to the laboratory, went on strike because he had not been paid in time, and he threw away the whole bag.

You think that happened in the course of some months? No! Within one week!

I ate something healthy to avoid stomach troubles, and had to fight gas in my bowels for days. I intended to spend a day wonderfully organized and get a lot done, and I slept in and missed every appointment, if it was not canceled. I wanted to back my granny by loving thoughts, and she fell and broke her thigh-joint. A job in the agency I worked for as a PR-consultant developed into a disaster because the client hated me! I did not go out any more that week, as I broke out in a rash on my face ... I could go on a little more, but I don't mean to bore you too much with my personal story.

After I had calmed down - and believe me, my regular karate-training helped a lot to channel my energies (screaming and running, jumping, breathing, gym and focus, yey!) - I fully understood. It was "catharsis" and my "Ku"'s provocative question: "How serious are you, girl?" I was very serious. And the bad luck stopped.

To activate the "aloha-switch" sometimes might cause your "inner factory" to act like a garbage-disposal in your sink, and it makes the same noises. Beware of the ugly stuff flying out at the beginning of the process. It might hit your face. Your "body-spirit" wags its tail like a happy puppy, now that the big boss decided to get started. And it is eagerly bringing up all kinds of conflict-materials that have been rotting and stinking ever since you stuffed them back into your inner storage after having experienced them. No cleaning up. No recycling. No helpful hints by the "directing mind" of how to handle the load internally so that it wouldn't use so much energy to be suppressed and composted. Notice: On compost mostly weeds grow. Much weed.

Turning on the "aloha-switch" sometimes attracts the beast to come out from inside. Don't worry: It is just you that you meet. There is nothing you could not handle. All it takes is a little love for the great creative being you are, and the understanding, that in the Cosmos everything is already in harmony, because everything happens just right in the flow of cause and effect.

So a new thought like "I am self-responsible, powerful and loving" might start grinding the garbage. It doesn't disappear by itself, though. Some may be absorbed by new procedures, but a good part you will have to remove by hand, so to speak, by giving clear directions of what you want for the future. Your "Ku" will use the extra energy - because everything is energy, garbage or diamond - to manifest this.

Whoever encourages his or her "body-spirit" to trust "Lono's" decisions and start unpacking inner burdens, sometimes even experiences physical symptoms. Reason for that is that our "body-spirit Ku" acts on his genuine level through the aka-body. With feelings, memories and everything that is "kino", body. You remove layers of garbage and approach your "original" (which is a term out of Hahnemann's Homeopathic method). And the "original" is trusting, creative, self-confident, loving and flexible.

Unconsciously I had done exactly what I preached against. I had talked a lot about things I feared, complaining and feeling sorry for myself, bringing up the visions of possible failure. Why? Are you serious? Who wants to be lonely? And that was exactly what I feared. I knew better, though. Fear is the expectation that something bad might happen that could hurt. It might never occur, though. I knew enough techniques to change my focus ... and I swear, I practiced them. But at first ... there I was, in Vienna, with all the people I knew complaining and feeling desperate and pissed at the government and TV and the jobs, having too little money, being not healthy enough and constantly mistreated, totally innocent of course ... And I was about to turn my back to all that, deciding to live according to the Huna principles in the "aloha-spirit"?? Happy? Tolerant? No criticizm? No complaining, only understanding and positive, welcoming everything that happened to me as information? Getting to know my Aumakua? My "active mind" was tossing and turning, trying to keep me from giving up our cozy little misery.

Looking back I found that I had always been pretty good at manifesting and putting things straight, so I told myself: "What do you want? It is just about perfection." It worked. The others could stay aggressive and unhappy, accusing everything and everybody to be to blamed for their disappointments, but I said, "I have the power. I am the co-creator of my world!"

Actually, I started to be a very celebrated talk-pal. Everybody wanted to know how it is ... how easy ... how difficult ... what to do ... "You don't do different things so much," I had to admit, "you only think differently about what you do." And of course there are a million things in the world that you will notice being really messed up. But: You understand and accept, bless the present, trust yourself and expect the best.

To be honest, it took a special understanding to make me feel really safe, finally, because I still did not like to be the only one of my kind. Lonely. Different. I understood that I am always and forever connected with everything in this Cosmos. Especially with all the people who share this idea: Focus is everything. You always get what you focus on. We may not be able to live to see how all the damage that was already done changes into something good in this lifetime, but hey! Our spirits live on. The orders you give out into the universe by "haipule," prayer, or manifestation, come true. Sooner or later, more or less accurate according to your vision.

And maybe, in two hundred years, you and I will ... but this is another story.


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