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1. We list Kahi Loa therapists, counselors, and teachers on our website who have taken our Kino Mana courses, Counselor or Healer courses, and Teacher training courses respectively. We also list lomi practioners who have taken three levels of Kino Mana courses, and Dynamind Practitioners who have completed the necessary requirements. Listings are only for those who are using what they learned in their work, and who have requested a listing.

2. Aloha International does not certify Kino Mana practitioners or teachers, and listing on our register does not constitute certification. This listing is offered for networking purposes only.

3. We do not certify anyone as a Kahi Loa therapist, counselor or teacher. All we do is register (list) those who claim to use the teachings of Serge Kahili King in their work.

4. We will also list/register those who are using Serge Kahili King's books, tapes or videos as the basis for their massage therapy, counseling or teaching. To do that we will need to review their advertising and class material. Their work does not have to be exclusively based on Serge's teachings, but that has to be the foundation for a particular class, course, seminar or workshop, and either he or Aloha International has to be given credit in the related promotional and teaching materials.

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