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by Paul Waters

Those of you who have taken Huna workshops, read Serge's books on the philosophy, or have received audio and video tapes from us, have undoubtably heard about the four levels of reality and how, on one level, the world can be viewed as a dream. The concept is simple. As you change one part of a dream, all parts are affected and the outer world reflects the change. I would like to share with you a self-healing experience that I had recently using one aspect of this powerful medium.

One night, back in the first week of April, 1999 I was laying in bed in the hope of falling asleep. My mind began to drift and I could feel myself slowly entering a state of semi-consciousness, into a realm of memories concerning my past. In this relaxed condition, I began recalling events from my pre-teenage years. There was a vast number of surprisingly clear and fond memories stored in the ku, but there was a number of unhappy and "traumatic" ones as well, like the time I kicked and screamed because I didn't want to go to the dance, or the time I fell off the bike, or the time I got beat up by the class bully. It was a truly "mixed bag" of ancient treasures.

The recollections continued for hours: seeing myself in the crib in my parents bedroom; hiding under the stairs when I knew I had done wrong; catching fireflies in my back yard..."Why don't you GO TO SLEEP!" I told myself in the same tone my parents used to use. It was already 3am.

"What's the point," I asked, "What do you expect to do?" There's a busy day ahead and here I am dwelling in the past. There was some reason I was being shown all these things, but now did not seem a good time for logic and analyzing.

Then it occurred to me.

I rolled over in my bed and decided to continue the revisitations. This time, however, I would change the outlook of these dreams. I began going through them one by one, observing to myself "Oh, that was the best that could have happened then," and "Gee, that was not so bad, it was actually an important thing in your life;" changing my outlook on all the unhappy memories that came into my awareness by replacing them with a happier viewpoint. After all, how much did I really understand about life at the age of 3, 4, or even 12 years of age? Now I was having fun. I'm not sure when it was, but I finally slept.

Just like clockwork, my ku had me wake up at my designated time of 7am. Surprised at how reliable he (ku) is, I thanked him and got out of bed, thinking "You didn't sleep much, aren't you tired?"

I felt incredibly refreshed and alert, but most of all, peaceful. The changing of my outlook of childhood memories literally changed the way I felt in my waking, physical reality. I had less stress and more vitality. The effect was so great that many of my friends throughout the week noticed it and told me how relaxed I looked!

We all probably have dreams of the past that no longer serve our directions of today. Some may be hidden; some possibly repressed for one reason or another. Some may be the roots of patterns of behavior that we have been carrying for years and are yet unaware of. Just as we are the authors of those dreams long ago, we can rewrite them to fit our lives here and now, as we will have them. Why not visit a dream of your own that you would like to change?

Perhaps tonight I'll connect with my dream of Yugoslavia.

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