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How To Use Healing Wands
by Jim Fallon

Healing Wands are used to focus and direct energy. Since ancient times, wands have been used for healing by healers all over the world. Healing wands gather and direct energy. Wands serve as an extension of ourselves and our abilities. Healing wands are used for healing, direction of power, consecrations, and blessings.

Healing wands can be used in many different methods of healing. They can be used to heal the entire body or aura, or they can be used on a specific area of the body. They can be used to scan the aura to locate blockages, and then cleanse and heal them. Wands can also be used in massage healing. Massaging the body with a wand helps to release tension from the body, while at the same time the wand's healing energy is transferred to the body. Smooth, round wands that are rounded on at least one end are the best to use in massage healing as they will not scratch or cause other discomfort to the body.

Because of the wand's round end shape (rounded on one end, pointed at the other end) the rounded end is the end that you hold, round end facing towards you. The terminated or pointed end is the end that you use to direct energy, either inward (into something, point wand at object, or outward, pointing into the universe). Just like holding a pencil with the point away from you, the eraser facing towards you. Energy is usually directed into the wand from the rounded end, and this energy is then focused into something with the pointed end.

One can also place a wand near or on a container of massage oil to let the energies of the wand infuse into the massage oils, or place near water containers and then drink the charged water.

You can use the wand to meditate. Place the wand in your left hand, left hand being symbolic for receiving energies with pointed side of the wand facing the wrist, rounded end towards the fingers. You are directing the universal energy into the rounded tip and toward you with the pointed end.

You can draw negative energy away from something that may be bothering you. Hold the rounded end towards the area that is bothering you. The negative energy will now be directed into the wand's rounded end, and exit toward the pointed end, which you have pointing into the universe. Once you feel that you have taken the negative energy away, turn the wand around so that the pointed end is now toward the area, and the rounded end faces toward the universe or just pointing away from the body part, and now you will replace the removed negative energy with positive energy.

So you simply use your intentions and visualizations to direct negative energy away from an area, and then use your intensions and visualizations to replace this removed negative energy with positive energy. See the positive energy entering the rounded end of the wand, and exiting the pointed end of the wand into the area.

Before doing these exercises just sit with your wand in your right hand, still your mind, and perform Piko Piko. Now take a deep breath, and with every breath that follows inhale one of the healing symbols, and then exhale the healing symbol into the wand.

Now take a deep breath, and with every breath that follows inhale one of the symbols, and then exhale the symbol into the wand. Remember, that the very molecular structure of the wand is being altered so that it can absorb, maintain, and keep the healing symbols. Just decide that your charging wand up with the healing symbol pattern, which you will/can do for all the symbols When you feel that the wand is charged with the desired symbol, mentally say, "the patterns are set, it's done."

Now relax your right hand, take another deep breath, and transfer the wand over to your left hand symbolic for receiving energies. Feel the energy from the wand with your left hand. This wand is now an object of power because you have made it so. You can then think a certain healing symbol and feel that symbol charging your body and expanding around you. The wand will serve as a catalyst to trigger the healing process. We can energize or charge the wand with Serge King's healing symbols.

Wand Technique:
Take pointed end of wand, and use pointed end to remove "pain," for this example.
With your hand, mentally trace around the tip of the wand the healing symbol to be used.
Bring the wand to your navel area. See the symbol chosen infused into the wand. Charge it at your navel with piko piko…inhale see the symbol in the navel, exhale, see the symbol in the wand.
Now take the wand and draw/ trace the energized symbol over the area of the body that has the pain. Then, after making the imaginary or tracing the imaginary healing symbol, point the wand directly at the area of the body, as if it were a hook and quickly "jerk" and remove the pain by "hooking" it and throwing it away, or sending it into the earth.
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