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The Quiet Calls to Wholeness
by Stewart Blackburn

It's easy to think of tomorrow unfolding from the patterns of today. The things that we have done today seem to presage the events to come soon. But these events and plans of today and the past aren't the only factors involved.

What we are experiencing today certainly must be accepted as it is. But we can make different choices for tomorrow. We can decide that we want to change some things and have an experience unlike anything we have known before. There are lots of decisions that we have made previously that still impact our lives. And other people may have influences on us as well. But it seems like most of the factors that make up what happens as we move ahead are either habits and patterns that we bring forward with us, or choices we are making that alter our course.

But there is another set of factors that often get overlooked as we make our way into tomorrow. These factors have the effect of being calls from the future, beckoning us to move in this direction or that. Sometimes it is these calls from the future that are the strongest elements of our decision making process, yet seldom get credit for their impact.

These summoning impulses are often called desires; though sometimes we see them as attractions and fascinations. We generally have so many of these desires in a day that we usually don't stop to wonder where they all came from. Some of these desires we may be familiar with, like seeing friends, having a favorite food, or wanting a certain vacation. But others seem to come out of the blue. Perhaps something awakens an unknown passion, or suddenly we crave an experience that we've never thought of before. Sometimes we get dissatisfied with our current experiences and our imagination hits on something that inspires us.

Whatever it is, something inside of us is urging us in some new direction. We have the choice to resist this calling or we can explore it. From an adventurer shaman's perspective this is, of course, the essence of adventure itself. Creating the future that we desire is the heart of this philosophy. But it's important to remember that we don't just create a wonderful future without some context. It is in listening to our desires that we pay attention to the lovely guidance that is available at all times. It is in this type of desire that things like life purpose, our personal cosmic explorations, or fate (if you like that idea) can be seen.

So rather than deeply questioning what our calling is, it is much more effective to see what it is that we want to do. Some things that we desire to do, be, or have may not be practical in the present moment. Some things, like having a baby, becoming a doctor, or flying, require some preparation and planning. Some desires, if fulfilled, would bring us into conflict with the surrounding culture and make life severely difficult for us.

But all of these kinds of desires, desires that seem to come from somewhere deep inside, are calls to our wholeness. They are voices of the future that are saying, "Look at me, if you want to be fully who you are. Come to me to be whole!"

There are no "bad" desires; there are just some desires that we probably don't want to fulfill in physical reality. But they all are showing us something about ourselves that's important. Most people haven't given themselves permission to feel deeply into what they are most attracted to. There is often too much stigma or taboo associated with "your deepest, darkest desires." So, I invite you to buck up your courage and give yourself permission to go explore those deep powerful attractions, at least in your inner world!

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire that transcends everything. - Napoleon Hill

Copyright 2018 Stewart Blackburn

Stewart Blackburn is the author of The Skills of Pleasure: Crafting the Life You Want. His website is:; email:

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