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InspirationWhat you can’t get out of, get into wholeheartedly." - Mignon McLaughlin

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Ideas Rule The World, by Serge Kahili King   
Huna and Tantra, by Stewart Blackburn 
A Wonderful Adventure, by Graeme Kapono Urlich

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Featured Archive: The Alohamana Technique," by Peter Nebres: “(I have gained a belief that the word aloha is more than just a word. because it is has so many meanings. The wise ancients must have made sure that by its many uses, it and other key Hawaiian words would not disappear completely. it turns out these words may really be power words that can modify reality if we so desire it. I have experimented with the word aloha as a means of modifying or influencing reality, and the results have been absolutely astounding." (click the title to read the whole article)

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