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What Do We Do Now? A Response To Tragedy
by Serge Kahili King

Dear Friends,
When a great tragedy occurs the most natural thing to do for people with any degree of compassion is to want to help. If we are on the site we can plunge in with our minds and hearts and hands, like all the rescue workers, medical personnel and blood donors are doing now. If we are not on site we can donate money to onsite helping organizations like the Red Cross and others, or we can pray for the victims and their friends and families. Still, none of this seems like enough and a sense of helplessness can move many people toward feelngs of anger and retribution, or fear and confusion.

Let's give our desire to help a clear and effective focus. In addition to whatever else you feel is appropriate, let's give our prayers, energy, light, love, journeys and any other distant healing we can use to support the helpers, healers and peacemakers in the area of the tragedy, across America and throughout the world who are working to assist those in pain and to resolve the problems caused by what has happened. Especially whenever a sense of helplessness arises, let us bless and strengthen their spirits and actions.

Each time you become aware again of what happened and/or what's being done about it, here are some specific suggestions of what to do:
1. Pray to a higher power to help the helpers (which includes healers and peacemakers).
2. Imagine the helpers being surrounded by healing light and/or being assisted by angels or other spirit helpers.
3. If you know how, do an inner symbolic journey to help the helpers.
4. To the best of your ability, take the time to bring your own spirit to a state of peace by meditating on the beauty and goodness in the world, and practice positive expectation no matter what happens that the work of the helpers will be successful, in this world or another. This may be the most difficult thing of all to do ... and the most beneficial.

If you want to give your help a more tangible expression, go to our Online Healing Circle and follow the instructions.

May your thoughts and your lives be filled with loving power and powerful love.

Aloha from Serge

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