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Alakai Information Page-2/14/23

1. Huna International is a non-sectarian religious order incorporated in California in 1973, with legal status in Hawaii as a foreign corporation since 1986. It is a Federally recognized tax-exempt, non-profit corporation under United States IRS code 501 (c) (3).

2. The mission of Huna International as outlined in its charter is:

A. To teach and practice the Seven Spiritual Principles of Huna.
B. To create peace and harmony through the Spirit of Aloha.

3. The spiritual base, or "heartquarters" of the Order is on the island of Hawaii in the State of Hawaii, USA. The Hawaiian name of the Order is Halau Kalakupua o Kahili ("meeting house of shaman practice of the Kahili family tradition"). The head of the Order and of the Halau has the title of Kahu (caretaker). The present Kahu is Serge Kahili King. The role of the Alakai is to assist him in carrying out the mission of the Order. Huna International is a branch of the Order responsible for networking, training and cultural activities.

4. Following are some of the free community services sponsored by the Order:

  • Publication and free distribution worldwide in various languages of healing techniques based on Hawaiian tradition.
  • Publication on the Internet of websites which feature a rich source of free material and help related to Huna and Hawaiian Shamanism in English and other languages.
  • Free distribution of information and free counseling by mail and email.
  • Free videos on YouTube for the teaching of Huna and Hawaiian Shamanism.
  • Free Healing Circles conducted by local Alakai.
  • Free sharing of information, advice and inspirations on Facebook.
  • A hula halau based on Kauai that provides teaching and presentations.

What Is An Alakai?
5. The word alaka'i in Hawaiian refers to a leader or guide, and is often used in hula schools for those who assist the kumu. In English we convert it to Alakai. An Alakai of the Order of Huna International is an ordained spiritual leader who has decided to dedicate himself or herself to a ministry of healing based on the Spirit of Aloha, the Seven Huna Principles, and Hawaiian Shamanism as taught by Serge Kahili King. The basic role of an Alakai is to be a healer and leader, to share the knowledge, and to help his or her fellow Alakai to carry out their role.

The Alakai may also sponsor and mentor Alakai Candidates.

The healing ministry of an Alakai may be undertaken at all four levels of reality in any of the following ways:

  • Teaching (speaking, instructing, training, counseling, writing, publishing, distributing information)
  • Individual Therapy (any kind of direct client- or patient-centered therapy based on Huna and Hawaiian shamanism)
  • Group Therapy (mediation, negotiation, ho'oponopono, peace-making)
  • Eco-therapy (any form of healing the environment or human relationships with the environment)
  • Kokua Groups (the formation and/or direction of Healing Circles, Blessing Clubs and similar mutual and community support groups).

6. The Order of Huna International is organized as a non-sectarian religious order. As an ordained member of the Order an Alakai is legally a member of the clergy. Since the Order is non-sectarian and follows no dogmas the Alakai is free to join or belong to any other spiritual or religious group without restrictions.

The Kanawai (Constitution) of the order states that the Alakai shall specifically have the right to:

A. Perform marriages, baptisms, funeral services and such other blessings and sacerdotal functions as may be required of them in their function as clergy (in accordance with the laws of their community).
B. Give spiritual and practical counseling to individuals, married couples, families and children.
C. Carry out spiritual healing as appropriate.
D. Teach the Seven Spiritual Principles of Huna.

7. Some national and local governments allow tax-related and other benefits to clergy. The obtaining of any such benefits are the responsibility of the individual Alakai. The Aha Kuhina or Board of Directors of the Order must approve any Alaka'i activites or undertakings which would in any way affect the legal status or financial responsibility of the Order.

8. Some of the ways in which the Order will support the ministry of the Alakai are:

  • Priority referrals and recommendations for those Alakai in a public ministry such as teaching or therapy when requested.
  • On request, a listing on the Alaka'i Hut or equivalent page on the Huna International website, with a link to the website of the Alakai when available.
  • Priority acceptance of articles for publication on our website.
  • Priority access to the Kahu for spiritual help, advice or questions.
  • Special discounts on products, services or trainings provided by any branch of the Order.
  • Free supplies of the Aloha Spirit booklet for distribution (with postage paid by the Alakai).
  • Access to special training sessions conducted by the Kahu for the Alakai.
  • Membership in the Alakai Council, a mutual support and service group to be organized by the Alakai themselves.
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