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Dynamind and Medications
by Jim Fallon

The possibilities of the Dynamind Technique developed by Dr. Serge Kahili King seem to extend far beyond the usual applications for physical and emotional healing. In this article are some ways to use it for increasing the effectiveness of prescribed medications.

First, I would like to tell how I used this for my wife.

The two conditions she had were cataracts and thyroid issues. Doctors were planning to perform surgery on both.

After the application of Dynamind the cataracts were reduced to a level that surgery was not needed, and Doctors said the condition could be treated with corrective lenses.

The other condition was "Grave's" disease, a thyroid condition. Problems with the medication were side effects like hair loss. After going to the doctor and performing blood tests, the medication and Dynamind put her thyroid into remission for two years. The side effects were eliminated by using Dynamind to increase the effectiveness of prescribed medications. The Doctors still wanted her to drink the radioactive medication that "kills" the thyroid, even though her blood tests remain normal. I showed the Doctor how the Dynamind technique could be used for enhancing medications, and how the application of the technique was changing her body blueprint to allow the thyroid to function within normal limits. He agreed to keep her on the medication, and not to pursue surgery. As of now, she needs even less medication and the thyroid remains normal.

Doctors prescribe medication. Good. Let them work on your issues from the outside in. Use Dynamind to assist the doctor and enhance the medication from the inside out.

The Process
First, you must know the basics of the Dynamind Technique. The text of the booklet "Help Yourself With Dynamind" can be found in English at, along with links to translations in various languages. Dr. King's book about Dynamind, Healing For The Millions, is full of details and case studies and can be found at

In using the Dynamind Technique to increase the effectiveness of medicine, you hold the container in both hands instead of making the first gesture. Next you make a Power Statement (see below). Then you take the medicine and imagine the medicine working and having the positive benefit you want. Finally, you do the tapping/touching and take the pikopiko breath.

You can do this to reduce or eliminate side effects as well.

It helps to know in layman's terms how the medicine works and to include these images in charging the medicine. For example, if one is taking a diuretic, use images of water flushing or draining out of the body.

Power Statements in Dynamind for Medication enhancement:

This refers to Statements that resemble affirmations and which are intended to reinforce or create positive behavior, in this case a positive effect from the medicine, rather than to resolve a problem. Examples:
"This medicine knows how to get rid of my excess fat, yes it does, and my body is starting to do that now!"
"This medicine has the power to (insert medicine action) in perfect harmony with me. Make it happen, make it so!"

More Specific Examples:

If you are taking eye drops to help with cataracts, charge the bottle of the eye drop medication with a Power Statement like "This medicine has the power to make my eyes relaxed and my vision clear in perfect harmony with me," seeing the cataracts dissolving and the vision as already clear.
"This medicine has the power to allow my thyroid to manufacture correct amounts of thyroid hormone in perfect harmony with me.
"This medicine gives me the power to generate soothing sensations that now permeate my body one part at a time, causing my muscles to relax and feel normal in perfect harmony with me."
This medicine has the power to send healing nourishment to the cartilage at the ends of my bones, which now become smoother and healthier in perfect harmony with me.
High blood pressure
"This medicine has the power and ability to assist me in controlling my blood pressure in perfect harmony with me."
"This medicine has the power to normalize the blood pressure against my blood-vessel walls in perfect harmony with me."
"This medicine as the power to soothe my throat and open my sinuses, opening my breathing passages in perfect harmony with me."
"This medicine as the power to alter my mood to feel self-assured, peaceful and optimistic in perfect harmony with me."

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