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Two Booklets

The following two booklets are currently being used in the Project

The Little Pink Booklet of Aloha
Help Yourself with Dynamind

Since it was first published in 1975 over 200,000 copies of The Little Pink Booklet of Aloha, under the name "The Aloha Spirit," have been distributed by Aloha International. It has already been translated into more than two dozen languages and can also be found on many websites around the world. In order to increase the distribution possibilities the name was changed. The new title is easier to translate into most languages, and over the years most people requesting a copy have asked for "The Little Pink Booklet." To read the text of this booklet online, go to Pink Booklet.

To get instructions and templates for printing multiple copies on your own, download the files here.

Help Yourself with Dynamind explains an amazingly fast, simple and effective healing technique that has been used successfully for physical, emotional and mental problems in the United States and Europe since the year 2000. Although Certified Dynamind Practitioners have been trained in both areas to guide people in how to do it, most users are able to apply it from simple written or verbal instructions, and the range of applications is constantly increasing. To read the text of this booklet, go to The Dynamind Technique.

The author of both publications, Serge Kahili King, Ph.D., has agreed to waive all royalties or other compensation in order to support the Project. Permission is hereby granted by the author to make unlimited electronic or print copies of these documents for free distribution, providing that no changes are made without the express approval of the author. Dr. King has a degree in psychology and is the Executive Director of Huna International. For more information on Dr. King and his works, go to The Huna Store.

Aloha Fellowship Participation

You can help to make this plan successful by participating as a Recipient, or a Volunteer.

  • Single copies of one or both booklets have been mailed to individuals, groups, organizations or institutions anywhere in the world free of charge. This will continue until our current stock is depleted.
  • Multiple copies of one or both booklets have been provided for free distribution to individuals, groups, organizations or institutions when the request is accompanied by a donation of US$1.00 per booklet. This amount has until recently covered the cost of publishing, mailing, handling and expansion of the project. As of November 2021, due to high costs of bulk printing and mailing, this is no longer feasible. Instead, we have provided an option under "Voluneers" below.
  • The digital booklets posted on the our website are available for free downloading and may be copied and distributed as long as there is no charge to recipients.
  • Individuals, groups, organizations and institutions may post the digital booklet on their own websites in any desired format as long as the contents remain unchanged. If the material is posted in a language not listed here, please let us know so that we can make a link to it or send us a PDF copy for posting on our site in digiral format.

Volunteers in the Booklet Plan are needed for the following tasks:

  • Translations of the booklets in languages not already listed. Please check the language page to see whether or not both booklets have been translated. Since some languages present certain problems for web-posting, please provide a PDF version if you want Aloha International to post the translation. If you want to post the translation yourself, please let us know so that we can make a link to it.
  • Web postings of existing translations. Please feel free to post any translation on any non-commercial site.
  • Free distribution of the booklet texts from downloaded copies or by means of locally published versions. In either case, the booklet texts must not be changed, but additional text may be added. To get instructions and templates for printing multiple copies on your own, download the files here.

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