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Blessing Is Beautiful

There is a lot more to blessing than you might think. The art of blessing is one of the most powerful ways of all to harmonize body, mind, spirit and environment.

    Aloha Fellowship Participation

  • The way to participate in this Plan is to start complimenting more than you criticize. From a Hawaiian Huna point of view, blessing is any physical or mental act that reinforces goodness by conscious acknowledgment. It could be kind words, a friendly hug, a gift given to please, or a wish for someone else's well-being. It's also perfectly proper to give yourself a blessing, too. The concept behind all this is that whatever good you bless increases.
  • Good sources for learning how to bless effectively are The Aloha Spirit Booklet, and the article Bless Your Way To Success" by Serge Kahili King.
  • It's wonderful to bless on your own, and it's fun to bless in a group. You might consider forming a Blessing Group where you can get together to bless each other and to bless for good happenings in the world.
  • Another activity, which you can do alone or with others, is to do a Blessing Walk. For this you only have to walk around your neighborhood, or even in a shopping mall, and bless every good thing in sight.

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