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You Can Teach What You Know

You do not have to study forever before you can be a teacher. You do not have to be perfect before you can teach. You do not have to master a subject before you can teach it. If any of these statements were not true, then nearly every teacher in the world would be disqualified and there wouldn't be any students.

The fact is, if you know something, you can teach what you know. If you have a day's worth of knowledge, or an hour's, or if you have just read something in a newspaper, then you can teach a day's worth of knowldge, an hour's worth, or what you just read.

    Aloha Fellowship Participation

    You can be a Teacher for The Aloha Project if you have any kind of information that can help other people to experience more harmony of body, mind, or spirit.
  • Depending on what you know and how much you know, you can share your knowledge in casual conversations, in classes or courses, or in letters, articles or books. You could also share it through art, photography, music, or dance.
  • Some good sources for Huna-based information are the courses of Aloha International at The Activity Hut; the books, videos and tapes at The Huna Store; and the free booklets available at The Booklet Plan.
  • If you want more people to know about your teaching work, and if you qualify, you may have a free listing as a Huna Teacher on one of Aloha International's special Resource pages.
  • If you want to teach Huna and are not sure how, Serge Kahili King has given permission to anyone to use any of his books as the basis for a class or a course. The ones he recommends most for this purpose are Mastering Your Hidden Self or Urban Shaman.
  • Another possibility is to write articles for Aloha International's Teaching Hut, or to create a web page of your own and post your articles there.
  • Even if you only share your teaching with family and friends, or through silent inner work, if it is done with the Aloha Spirit of increasing harmony, then you are helping The Aloha Project.

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