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Healing Is Always Needed

Once it is understood that all healing comes from within, and that those whom we call healers are really helpers, then it becomes clear that we can never have too many healers, any more than we can have too many friends.

    Aloha Fellowship Participation

  • Join the Global Healing Group and send healing online; send your healing request to at any time to help heal individual or planetary problems, or participate in the "Hunatics" group on Facebook.
  • You can be a Healer for The Aloha Project if you know any kind of technique that can help another person to experience more harmony of body, mind, or spirit.
  • Techniques can be learned from any classes, courses, books, videos, audio cassettes, or other means of communication that give you a way to help someone else.
  • Some good sources for Huna-based techniques are the courses listed on our Calendar; the books, videos and tapes at The Huna Store; and the free booklets available at The Booklet Plan.
  • If you want more people to know about your healing work, and if you qualify, you may have a free listing as a Huna counselor, massage therapist, or Dynamind Practitioner on one of Aloha International's special Resource pages.
  • Another possibility is to participate in an existing Healing Circle or to form your own. Information about how to do this can be found at The Online Healing Circle:
  • On the other hand, no matter where you learned to do your healing, and even if it is only with family and friends or silent inner work, if it is done with the Aloha Spirit of loving compassion, then you are helping The Aloha Project.

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