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Half Day Courses in Hawaii

Hale Huna
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Enjoy a half day class (3 hours) with Dr. Serge Kahili King, author of Urban Shaman, Instant Healing and many other books on healing, manifesting, shamanism and Huna.

Classes takes place in Volcano Village in the mystical Ola'a Forest of Big Island, surrounded by giant Tree Ferns and towering native Ohi'a Trees with Volcano National Park and Kilauea Volcano only two miles (3 km) away; or in Hawaiian Paradise Park in the Lower Puna Discrict of Big Island near cliffside trails and close to Hilo with shopping, entertainment, lovely parks and beaches.

Classes may be arranged on any open date in the months noted on our Calendar. Minimum tuition is $400.00 for 1 or 2 persons; $200.00/person above that. Maximum number of students is 15. On the Payment Page, use the pull-down menu to choose the month and email for the specific class or classes and dates desired. Maximum number of classes: 2 in one day or 4 over two days.

Here is a list of the classes offered with a brief description of their content. For further information, email

Huna Basics
Learn how to use the 7 Principles, the 3 Selves and the 4 Levels of Reality to improve your life, with exercises and techniques.
The Master Formula for Manifesting
A simple, but powerful process for manifestoing health, wealth, happiness and success.
Instant Healing
A vareity of techniques for faster healing.
Time Travel
Learn different concepts of time and how to visit and benefit from past, future and parallel lives.
Shamanic Divination Systems
Learn how divination works and the art of casting stones for deep insights and changing the future.
The Kupono Process
A personal form of ho'oponopono to straighten out your life.
The Dynamind Technique
An incredibly effective healing technique for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems.
Healing Relationships
The secrets of how to love and be loved.
The Art of the Grok
Shamanic shapeshifting for learning and healing yourself, others and the environment.
Earth Energies
Exercises, techniques and tools for working with subtle energies to help and heal.
Dream Tech
Healing nightmares, Lucid Dreaming, Inner Gardening, Symbolic Healing and more.
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