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Weekly Inspiration: "To love what you do and feel that it matters--how could anything be more fun?"  - Katharine Graham

New Articles
    Busting Limitations, by Serge Kahili King
    Pleasure Is The Measure, by Stewart Blackburn
    The Virtual House Of Huna, by Margrit Strauss
    Create Your Own Path, by Astrid Mohr-Kiehn
    The Purple Bag by Jim Fallon

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Featured Archive: Excerpt from "Simple Healing" by Sonja Kass: "I like simple things, but most remarkable to me was one of the healing methods I discovered. Since it works so well it must be Huna… During a shamanic journey to my inner garden, I found a technique which very much suited my need for simplicity: I visualized a mouth in my leg, at the very same location where the spot was. In my mind the mouth spat out the spot, just like a cherry pit, and the spot detached from my leg, then immediately dissolved in light." (click the title to read the whole article)

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