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Sharing - January 2015


Experiences and Appreciations


Good Morning Dr Kahili: I am reading yours books about Aloha, ho´oponopono, etc. I am really great after practising some techniques Now i have ilness and i get better bit by bit but quickly. Thanks you for the techniques. - A (Spain)

I finished the Huna Teacher Training Program. I have to say that, although I've been a teacher for more than seventeen years now and I think I know my ropes, I was still surprised about just how many excellent tips and great ideas there are in it which have put my teaching to a new level! Excellent program, mahalo for it! - TG

Aloha Serge: Last month I did several events in which I spoke about Huna within the events. I also am closing in on finishing listening to my last class, “Manifesting for Success” that I downloaded last month and I have a little story from that. One night I listened to one of the lessons and you gave the exercise of imagining something 3 times, each time with a little more detail. Well, last December, my husband lost an amethyst crystal which was very important to him. For months we have searched and searched, and I just didn’t feel like it was gone ‘forever’, but he had given up on it. So that night you talked about that exercise, and I did it for finding the crystal. I chose a spot where I thought it could be, and I visualized first him finding it, then did one with me finding it. Then I let it go. The next night he told me he found it. It was actually someplace that we had looked time and time again, I’m not even sure how it wouldn’t have been seen when we were vacuuming or whatever, but he found it less than 24 hours after I did the visualization. So mahalo. :)

Aloha! I wanted to tell you about an experience I had with the cubit wand. I made the Star of David figure and stood in it and got nothing. So I sat in it for about 20 minutes or so while I read and watched some tv. I also did some zazen meditation as well. When I got up to leave I really felt the energy. I realized that it just took my ku a little bit to match the energy and get the full effects. I thought that was interesting. - LS

Hi Serge: So glad to listen in to your talk story on Dreams yesterday. My purpose in writing you this note is to tell you that your talk kicked off dream a serious manner for me on this retreat now. Changed a waking dream this AM quite well. AND, this afternoon, I was able to save a young "teenage" Loon on Moonstone Beach. The parent had died (crows eating it) and 3 crows were closing in on the little one. Scooped it up in my jacket and took it down to a local vets and they got it to a shore bird rescue. This was very important today..for me and the dear bird. Loons as animal totems mean the activation of imagination and dreams...fulfilling dreams and paying awareness to dreams. Seems like your talk began a dream journey for me to save my dream, stick with it, do not let it die. All messages I needed to hear now. The small loon is so dear, so sweet, so needed to be do my dreams! - PB

Serge: I heard a strange noise from the outside staircase, knew immediately that my nephew had an accident and I went to the kitchen to look for Rescue remedies and Homoeopathy from Arnica to give him aid. Seconds later my sister-in-law arrived, with her son in her arms, in my apartment, totally hysterical, crying and stammering, that she feels sorry, that she failed as a mother and guessing that her little son will be handicapped for his whole life. The boy was screaming like a banshee. His head in a strange posture and his right leg distorted.

I gave both of them the medicine I mentioned above. Meanwhile I found out that the boy had fallen down--headfirst--the 10 marble staircase steps from the main entrance to the cellar. He made several flips, always knocking his forehead at the edge of each staircase step.

I held one hand over his forehead and the other hand over his chest and the only thing I did was to concentrate on the huge confidence and a deep knowing that everything will be fine, that appeared inside of me right from the beginning. It was maybe 1 minute later, when he suddenly stopped crying, held his head straight, made one step forward and went then to a drawer to show us that he wanted to eat from the honey there. He acted like always the whole evening. I couldn' t believe what had happened. The next day, there were no signs on his head or body from the accident.

Later in the night I was able to understand the Magic. I could see what had happened, a movie in slow motion replayed before my eyes. Then I could clearly notice the specific moment when my nephew made the decision to be healed.

The days after I was in a strange composition, I felt like after a round in the washing machine. I wanted to know more about what has happened and the secret of healing. I invited a wise shaman to watch this movie with me and to tell me what has happened. He told me that I experienced a strong Kanaloa state and my Ku felt very comfortable. That was the only thing that was necessary for my nephew to make the decision of moving towards wellbeing. After that journey I felt better. - SW

Serge: This is how I share Huna. There is a pikopiko version that I employ at times as a final relaxation/meditation for the yoga classes. As everyone in the class rests supine on the floor (savasana pose) my voice guides class participants through several pikopiko versions, including Sky to Earth. Then, my voice guides them back into the room. This past month, I had a yoga student comment that she was "really out there" for that meditation! This is a common response. People love it! I also do the Stillpoint pikopiko frequently in the classes.

The seven elements: One night this past month, I was having difficulty sleeping. I imagined gently sweeping the seven elements (each in turn) through my body from the head downward. I didn't get through all seven before I drifted off to sleep. It was lovely!

I used the same type of approach when working with a lovely young lady (24 years old) challenged with a lifetime of cystic fibrosis. She is a "regular" at the hospital, as are many of the CF kids. She and I typically practice some form of yoga together when she's in the hospital. This week, she was simply too sick for yoga so she agreed to let me do some gentle massage on her feet and hands (something she usually does not enjoy). She is currently very sick; on constant oxygen and suffering from severe body aches that prevent her from getting comfortable enough to rest. As I gently touched her feet and hands, I envisioned sweeping her body with the seven elements, much like I had done for myself to help me sleep. It worked like a charm! She drifted in and out of sleep while I was in the room with her. She later told her doctor that I had magic hands! What a tremendous gift for us both! When she's feeling better, I plan on explaining to her what I envisioned, so that she can do it for herself. I have already taught her the "Huna dance" of the elements that we have incorporated into our yoga sessions together. Speaking of the "huna dance," I know I told you that I share it regularly in my yoga classes. I even sent you a copy of a handout I give to students to help them remember the steps and the principles, elements and colors associated with each. Just today, I had one of my students tell me she does it nearly every day as she looks out her window into nature. She told me she loves how it brings her into the present moment and how good it makes her feel!

One final note on how I personally use Huna: I was sleepless again one night this past month mulling over some recent family discord. Almost as a last resort, I did the "master of the universe" visualization that I believe you recommended in the book Healing Relationships. I simply gave everyone involved permission to be, do, think and behave exactly the way they were! I immediately felt better. Granted, I had to repeat the visualization multiple times but it worked every time! As always, mahalo! - NB

Dr. King: I'm writing to thank you for your repatterning technique from your book Urban Shaman. I was in an automobile accident a week ago and suffered a deep gash that missed my eye by half an inch and multiple bruises. I used the repatterning technique immediately after as I had done many times before for small wounds or burns. In places I know that were impacted heavily (as I feel from the pain inside), bruises never formed. My eye is healing very fast and may not even scar. And at a place I thought was a superficial scratch and did not use the technique, there is a giant bruise. Thanks again and may many benefit from your good work. - KK

Serge: This morning I decided to find out what's wrong with the car. I went into meditation. I have tried several times to connect mentally with the car, but did not give advice. The last time I rested I decided to find out what was wrong with him. He showed me the fuel line and made it clear that there is a reason. I looked under the hood and it turned out that the cable is pressed by the valve cover. It's amazing. Thank you for having entrusted me with this knowledge. - SS


Hey Serge: I just want to thank you for changing my life. When I first started reading your book Huna in August month last year, I never expected it to really change my life almost at the start, but more and more after each day. Today 7 months later it has changed my life into what I want it to be. I am so grateful and blessed, and I can't imaging how my life will be in 7 months more. You are a hero, not only for writing Huna and Changing Reality, which I just bought and am getting started with. But also for your amazing way to teach other people how to tackle their problems in a Huna way! - SH

I have recently come to the awareness that inner communication is possible and have begun to take it seriously in my meditative work. Thank you so much for posting these videos. I am finding them very useful. - FR

Aloha Serge:I wanted to reach out and say hello. I hope to meet you at some point and would like to take a week long course and apply for Alaka'i. It seems that will not happen this year as I have been asked the week of the Shaman Intensive course to give a talk on Kahi Loa and Crystals at the local Holistic Nurse Association. A majority of the students in my classes over the past few years have been nurses who are enjoying Kahi Loa as much as they do the Healing Touch they receive CE's for. I taught Reiki for years, but have always felt more aligned with Kahi Loa and the elements, since I've been an environmental scientist and currently teach Geography. My intention for 2015 was to focus more on Huna/Kahi Loa and really educate, inspire, and spread the beautiful loving modality more in my area, as Huna and Kahi Loa are relatively unheard of where I live. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and heart in your books and on the website. I look forward to meeting you at some point, somewhere. - AT

Aloha!!! I am glad to tell you that the Abbess of the Monastery Nossa Senhora da Paz read an article that I had written about Huna and the 7 principles and liked so much that she wants her nuns to know more about. She invited me to give a talk in the Monastery. So, Huna in the Monastery soon, Uncle! - AS

I received an incredible healing from your prayer circle. I canÕt even begin to describe the transformation. All the seeds I have planted are blossoming. I send love and light to everyone in the healing circle. THANK YOU! - DS

Thank you for sharing your wisdom; I have purchased (I like supporting you:)) & read several of your books and enjoyed them all. I send you many blessings! - JC

Your book Urban Shaman made a big impact on me in both my personal healing and my life choices. Healing from horrific abuse, I was often consumed with anxiety and for years I went to sleep (or more often not) chanting, "Be aware, be free, be focused, be here, be loved, be strong, be healed," while holding my heart with one hand and my belly with the other. It would calm my fury and my fears. How could I have forgotten that? It changed the whole pathway of my life! In picking up your book again it was like stumbling on an old, dear and valued friend. I felt an instantaneous longing to reach out to you to let you know. To thank you. To say ALOHA! - JR

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