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Why Magick Doesn't Always Work
by Jim Fallon

Why doesn't "magick" always work, even though we do all the “right” things? This is more a problem of ignorance or not knowing....let me explain.

Sometimes people continue to engage in behaviors or activities that are counter-productive to increasing the probability of making what they want to happen, but they aren't aware of this.

That is why a good divination technique should be mastered, even if it's just astrology and looking at transits or using a pendulum or casting stones.

The idea of having some form of divination system, or doing a divination journey, is to see these things on the inner planes before they solidify and wind up here. If it's seen that there are potential problems, then some sort of action can be taken to negate it, by ritual, or behavior. It's easier to change/modify results in the inner world before it manifests down here, hence the divination system.

People, or an individual, can then alter/change behaviors, or avoid behaviors that increase the probability of something occurring that they do not want to happen.

If I "see" that I am inclined (divination systems do not predict, only propose possiibilites) to have a car wreck, then I can change my route or avoid that area. Or I can use the Lovelight Technique as described in Dr Serge Kahili King's book, Urban Shaman when driving thru that area. Just say to the Lovelight "Harmonize and make this area safe for me." That's the benefit of knowing in advance what might happen.

has progressed, different measures could be used at different times to bring about a resolution.

For example, if someone has arthritis, and is taking all the “right” remedies for arthritis, but hasn't treated underlying problems such as poor digestion or critical thinking, the condition won't get better and all those supplements are a waste.

So it is important to understand the causative factors for the for the issue trying to be changed, and properly address these before trying to get much headway with the presenting issue. Sometimes the problem is that a condition has progressed too far to resolve.

If I have a glass vase that I want to change the shape of, and if I try to change it as a finished product, I will break it. But if I try to change it before it solidifies, I can do it. This is just saying if one sees the issue coming down from the inner planes to manifest here, then intercepting it before it comes down here will yield better results at increasing the probability of making what you want to happen.

Once it's here, you have to work with it the best way you can. And in the situation of the glass vase example, you could make it worst by breaking the vase.

Sometimes I do a healing and it seems that I get no results, so I say "This healing sucks." Then I find out later that the healing did have a effect. So even if you can change the odds slightly in your favor, you still have affected the situation somewhat, Always have trust that what was done had some effect, so you do not put the whammy on yourself by negative programming that the "Healing sucks."

Again, what you are trying to do is increase the probability of something happening. But increasing the probability is no guarantee that it will.

You just can't keep the thought or thoughtform in your mind. Thought is a form of speech, but it is unmanifested. Saying it manifests it. That's the secret.

The moment you say a word, the reality takes shape, because then and only then is an energetic thoughtform converted to mass. Energy and mass are interchangeable, but energy itself is invisible and mass is visible.

Your inner magical mind responds to both sound and light, or to say it another way, a verbal statement( sound) along with a visual image (light) of the desired event as though it has already come to be, is the secret of manifesting.

Be like God and speak. The bible states that "God said..." It does not say, "God thought..."

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