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Musical Healing
by Mike Majorowicz

I want to share with you a healing experience I had in the virtual world of Second Life that was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

For those of you not familiar with virtual worlds, Second Life is a three-dimensional, digital universe where live people interact with each other and their virtual environment through individualized characters called "avatars." Using these avatar representations, live people from all over the physical world can create objects and landscapes and communicate with each other by typing on their computer keyboards or by using a headset to speak with their natural voices. If you'd like to contact me in Second Life my avatar's name is "Farmer Eames."

This particular experience began in a tropical village on the virtual island called Pali Uli, owned and developed by Aloha International.

I believe it was the second person with whom I made a connection in SL (Second Life) that helped to create my experience. I was very new to SL and very nervous, and I was asking people questions like, "So how has Huna changed your life?" It seemed like a good way to start a conversation.

Anyway, my questions intrigued this contact and we had a very long conversation. It was a good experience for me to be able to share with another person who is interested in Huna. Our conversations continued and it helped me a great deal. My state of mind improved noticeably from this healing.

Towards the end of this process, I was given a song by this person to help me connect with my Higher Self. Over time I would grow to realize what a great gift this was to me.

When I first listened to the song, it had little meaning to me. Then I was also given a song that had something to say about the person who had written my own song. Once I heard the difference between the two, I began to see what my song had to say.

As I listened to it over and over, I began to hear more in the music. When I first started to understand it, my song was very intense, but also had very mellow portions. The intensity worried me and made me uncomfortable.

At first, I started hearing a violin in the mellow part of the music. The violin note was struck at nearly the same time as the original notes, and at nearly the same pitch. Almost immediately, the violin note would come into tune with the original note and resonate nicely. But it was long enough that you could hear the transition from slight dissonance to resonating.

I enjoyed imagining the transition as representing myself learning to resonate with my Higher Self. This portion of the song I would eventually see as Experiencing the Moment.

I also noticed a distant tone at other parts of the music. As with the previous notes, the more I focused on them, the better I could hear them. It did not seem like a straightforward process. At least, I don't remember it that way. The notes would come and go even though I was focusing intently on the music. It was more about achieving a state of mind rather than focus alone. During this whole process, I was continually keeping in mind the thought of connecting with, and being closer to my Higher Self.

Eventually the notes coming and going gave me enough feedback that I trained myself to hear them continually. After a while, the notes became clear enough that I could make out alternate melodies in the song.

I divided the song up into two more sections. The next portion of the song I connected with was very intense. In the beginning I could not make much sense of the flurry of notes. The more I listened to it, the more I could follow the melody. Even the second melody that revealed itself was chaotic. However, it was only chaotic at the beginning. By the end of the section it (the second melody) had turned into a solid tone.

As I was working, listening to the song, I began noticing patterns that seemed to match many of the concepts I use to manifest things from thought to reality. This section represented the formation of the thought I wanted to manifest. I will refer to it as the "Creating the Thought" section.

In the next section the alternate melody was a solid tone also, but the pitch was raised a half step. It represented a joyous expression of gratitude for having received what I was trying to create. It was not joy about being able to have it. It was joy about how what I had manifested enriched my life.

So now I had found three sections in my song. A section of "Creating the Thought." A section of "Being Grateful" for what I had created. And a section for being present "In the Moment," enjoying what I had created

The last two sections probably need clarification. The difference between the two in my mind is the amount of time that has passed since I manifested my thought. In the "Being Grateful" section, immediately after I manifest the thought, I feel a great expression of joy for the change created. In the "In the Moment" section, time has progressed, and I adapt to what I have created. This represents how I feel after I have lived with it for a while.

It still felt like I had more to learn from the song. Now back to the "Creating the Thought" section of the song that had such intensity.

The intensity and chaos of the "Creating the Thought" section still made me uncomfortable. I eventually realized that the intensity I felt within my thoughts throughout life were represented in the intensity of the music.

So many times in the past, I would latch on to something and fuss and fret. It would escalate until it burst out into me creating chaos all around me. But this music was supposed to be inspired by my Higher Self. How could such a negative aspect of my life be a part of my Higher Self?

What this music taught me was that the intensity was part of who I am. It was chosen as part of my life experience before I was born. Simply being intense didn't mean I would inevitably create chaos. By choosing my thoughts, I could use this intensity to manifest ways to make my life and the lives of those around me better.

This revelation was a great gift that I will always be grateful for.

With this new point of view, I continued to focus on the music and found another section. The chaos of the second melody in the "Creating the Thought" section represents a scattered focus, striking at seemingly random locations. Eventually, it amazingly all coalesces to form a single thought. I still find it fascinating how a single note can be brought out of such an unrecognizable pattern. But even still this pattern seems to be selected with purpose, and is not just random.

So "Creating the Thought" now represents bringing scattered focus into a single thought. The new section is to "Resonate" with the thought after you have narrowed it down from many thoughts to a single focus. The thought and I vibrate as one and the power increases exponentially.

So, we end up with the four sections:
Create the Thought
Being Grateful
In the Moment

After I wrote the above, I was asked how I arrived at these conclusions by listening to the music. Until then I hadn't really given it much thought.

I think the best way to describe what I do is to say, "just ask." I commonly pick a single point to focus on and just ask my question mentally. Many times that point is somewhere inside the left side of my head. With the music, I remember focusing on the progress bar in the media player software as the music played. Sometimes when I want to help someone in SL, I will pick a point on the name banner above their head to focus on and ask, "How can I help this person?" On occasion, I ask with a general expanding focus upwards.

With the music, I started out focusing on connecting with my Higher Self, and shifted to focusing on asking the music, "What do you have to tell me?" after I figured out that the hidden melody was part of my answer.

The answers I get are usually like getting an idea for something where a light bulb goes off in my head, or something will just start to make sense. Sometimes I will make connections with recent events that indicate what things have meaning. I suppose this is similar to looking for connections between things that induce the same emotions or same physical responses.

I'm not aware of maintaining any focus on who or what I'm directing the question to. I think the point I choose to focus on when I'm asking the question is probably related to the scope I want the question answered in. For example, if I focus on a person, I want the question answered from the point of view of the person, when I focus on the universe, I want the question answered from the point of view of the universe. I've never really been concerned about where the answers come from. They just come.

It's not just spiritual stuff I use this technique for. Some examples of other things are using it to figure out how to make a fertilizer spreader work as a seed spreader, and how to make a cheap reliable bracket to hang a bicycle from a light pole.

I also adapt this process in whatever way I need to for it to work. I might mentally pull or push while I ask the question, or look for ways to find better questions. Sometimes I need to relax, sometimes I increase my intensity. Or I might just focus on the point I've chosen and the question, and let the rest happen naturally. I do whatever I need to do.

Whenever I use this tecnique, I usually expect an answer rather quickly. I typically maintain the focus until I get an answer. I would guess within a matter of a few minutes. Stuff like how to make a bracket doesn't have much emotional baggage, so it comes relatively quickly. Whereas the process of asking the music came in bits and pieces over a period of several days. But I still remember it as receiving the answers while I was focusing on the question, not something that came to me later when I wasn't paying attention.

I did have to go through a few revisions of finding answers that didn't seem to fit and modifying my requirements before I arrived at the final version of the bicycle bracket. I do remember that figuring out how to use the fertilizer spreader as a seed spreader came within a matter of minutes.

I sincerely hope that what I have shared will prove useful to others.

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