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All about Aloha International's Virtual Project
in Second Life

Aloha International has had a teaching and healing center in the virtual world of Second Life ( since mid-2007. We developed two islands--Pali Uli and Holani--over the years with vast possibilities for teaching, healing, and fun. Over time, however, interest waned in our project and in Second Life in general. In 2012 we gave up Holani and and in July 2013 we gave up Pali Uli. Check the "Virtual Island Features" for what we used to have if you are interested.

The project continues on a smaller scale with a weekly Huna Discussion Group and a monthly Huna Talk at the New Huna Village on a part of an island. The venue can also be used for other group functions as well as private meetings, healings, and counseling. The biggest benefit is that members of Aloha International and others from anywhere in the world can interact almost directly Email for specific information.

By means of your browser you can reach the New Huna Village at

Serge Kahili King's avatar in Second Life is named Kahili Writer.

Second Life has a free membership (members are called "residents"). Money is only involved if you want to buy land or objects for sale. It is an incredibly huge and interesting world.

- information on the features of the island we used to have.

- look for the link to Pali Uli Snapshots

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