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Virtual Island Features
Last Update: December 19, 2011

    Huna Village
  • Streaming Hawaiian music for everyone to enjoy.
  • Landing Deck with teleports, information, events calendars, plus a free kukui nut lei, and a free Aloha Spirit booklet.
  • Eye of Kanaloa platform with meditation cushions, rotating Earth Globe, healing candles, and information coconuts. Used for Global Healing sessions and informal gatherings. Camping benches available for Huna Fellowship members.
  • Conference Center, used for Huna Talk sessions and more formal meetings.
  • The Psychic Hut, filled with a variety of divination systems available to everyone.
  • The Teaching Hut, with booklets, information, and links to Huna classes, workshops, products, and articles.
  • The Healing Center, with facilities for sending and receiving healing, leaving requests for the Aloha International Healing Circle, giving and receiving massage, bathing or sitting by the pool, and just hanging out.
  • The Village Market, where Huna Fellowship members offer items that they've made for sale, like Hawaiian-style clothing.
  • The Hawaiian Museum, with displays of Hawaiian art and artifacts.
  • The Hula Platform, where Huna Fellowship members can dance four different hulas to the music of Kawaikapuokalani Hewett and others.
  • The fishing dock for actual fishing.
    The Polynesian Cultural Center
  • Clickable information posts are planted at each section of the Cultural Center.
  • A traditional-style fishpond, stocked with fish.
  • A traditional Hawaiian household area, with a stream, a resting sea turtle, a coconut palm grove, a sailing canoe, three traditional-style huts, a wandering pig, and a pecking rooster.
  • A Hawaiian temple, with tiki statues in front, and inside a drum hut, a god stone, an altar, and an offering tower.
  • A banana grove, with an erupting volcano behind it.
  • A grove of kukui trees.
  • Taro patches.
  • An area of petroglyphs and basalt outcroppings used for tool-making.
  • An authentic recreation of a Maori meeting house with a haka dance.
  • Reproductions of Easter Island Statues
  • A lagoon with a petroglyph-based divination system similar to the online Menehune Lagoon at
    The Shaman Center
  • Amerindian, Celtic, Mongolian, and African shamanic displays and activities.
    Baroque Palace
  • A skybox designed like a luxurious baroque palace, with a treasure room, a feasting table, a classical music ensemble, a bedroom with replicas of King Ludwig's furniture, and an orangerie. Also has portraits of Hawaiian monarchs, a sacred pool, and a bar that serves mixed drinks and Guiness beer. Used for prosperity programming and open to the public.
    Melemele Area
  • The George Naope Theater, built to honor Hawaii's Living Legend and co-founder of the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, used for in-world and "live" performances, and dancing.
  • The Clubhouse, with a bar that serves drinks and areas for relaxing and conversation.
  • The Moon House, with several floors of interactive opportunities, including a playable grand piano.
  • Assorted creations and sharings from Fellowship members.
  • Healing centers run by Huna Fellowship members.
    Alakai Island
  • A private area for Alakai of Aloha International, also used for holding classes.
    The Elemental Center
  • There is a meditation platform plus seven skyboxes representing Hina, Spirit of Water Magic; Haumea, Spirit of Stone Magic; Pele, Spirit of Fire Magic; Hi'iaka, Spirit of Wind Magic; Laka, Spirit of Plant Magic; Kapo, Spirit of Animal Magic; and Uli, Spirit of Human Magic.
    The Changeable Labyrinth
  • A walking Labyrinth for meditation and healing with four different styles to choose from: Classic, Ancient, Spiral, Chartres.

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