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Huna Village

A Creative Opportunity

Pali Uli is Aloha International's virtual island in the virtual world of Second Life, and the site of our virtual Huna Center. For more information on what we are doing there and how to join Second Life go to The Pali Uli Hut.

The island has a special area reserved for Aloha Fellowship members and Alakai of Aloha International. If you wish to take advantage of this you will have to send an email to Serge Kahili King ( and ask for an invitation to join the in-world Huna Fellowship.

If you wish to help in a creative way, our current needs are listed below. Please note that they will require that you learn certain skills in the world of Second Life. Serge will be happy to give you some guidance for this.

    Aloha Fellowship Participation

  • Building Hawaiian-style huts, traditional-style tiki statues, Hawaiian drums and other artifacts, an imu (underground oven) with a cooked pig and vegetables, animals (pigs, poi dogs, chickens, birds), and more.
  • Hawaiian clothing, including malos, pa'u, shirts, dresses, and leis.
  • Hawaiian plants, including taro, tree ferns, and ohia trees.
  • Scripts for special effects, including bubbling molten lava.
  • Conversion of existing articles on the website into virtual books.
  • Whatever else you can come up with that's appropriate.

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