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Alakai Application-4/25/18

Applicants for Alakai Candidate status with the Order of Huna International must be sponsored by a current Alakai who will serve as his or her mentor during the Candidacy.

Sponsorship means to submit a person for Candidacy who is known to the Alakai, or to agree to sponsor a Candidate proposed by someone else.

The Alakai Sponsor will provide the following information about the proposed Candidate to the Order:

Recent photo (digital or print)
Email address.
Website address.
Educational history related to health and healing, Huna, shamanism or metaphysics.
Academic history.
Work history.
Current or previous associations with Aloha/Huna International.
Special talents or knowledge (computer literacy, languages, etc).
Reasons for applying.
Projection of intended activity as an Alakai.

Send applications by mail or email to:

Huna International
PO Box 426
Volcano, HI 96785

Upon approval of the application the applicant will be designated an Alakai Candidate, and the Alakai Sponsor will become the Alakai Mentor.

The duties of the Mentor will be to monitor and assist the progress of the Candidate toward ordination, which will include the following:

A. Candidate will begin a period of demonstration of intent by acting like an Alakai lasting not less than one year, and not more than five (see "What Is An Alakai at During this period Candidates will join the Aloha Fellowship if not already a member (see, submit monthly reports on their related activities to the Mentor, and may ask for information or advice from the Mentor at any time. The Mentor in turn may ask for help from the Kahu as well.

B. Candidates will be expected to tithe an amount of choice to the Order on a regular basis during their candidacy. $50/month is suggested, but the amount depends on what is feasible for the Candidate.

C. Candidates shall read all of the books listed below and submit two questions related to each book to the Mentor. The questions may be on a topic not understood completely, or on a topic that the applicant wants to know more about. The Mentor may seek assistance from the Kahu in answering such questions, if necessary.

  • Urban Shaman
  • Kahuna Healing
  • Mastering Your Hidden Self
  • Instant Healing
  • Huna: Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living

D. The Candidate must complete the following Home Study Courses (available at

  • Hawaiian Huna Shaman Training Course.
  • Kahili Healing Course.
  • The Dynamind Course.
  • The Kupono Process Course.
  • Manifesting Success Course.
    The Hawaiian Shaman Healer Course given by Dr. Serge Kahili King or Susan Pa'iniu Floyd may be substituted for the Hawaiian Huna Shaman Training Home Study Course.
    The Hawaiian Shaman Intensive Course given by Dr. Serge Kahili King or Susan Pa'iniu Floyd may be substituted for the Kahili Healing Course.
    A related course given by the Mentor and approved by the Order may be substituted for one of the Home Study Courses.

    E. Before ordination can take place, Candidate must spend five or more days on one or more of the Hawaiian Islands connecting with the energy of the land and the history of its people. Recommendations on how to do this will be given on request.

    Upon fulfillment of all the Candidate requirements, ordination as an Alakai will be arranged on the island of Hawaii or at another location designated by the Kahu, and will be performed by the Kahu.

    Ordination consists of a ceremony that includes the following vows:

    The Three Vows of the Alakai.

    • I vow to carry out the healing ministry of an Alakai and to do my best to make the world a better place.*
    • I vow to work with my fellow Alakai in a spirit of aloha and to support their ministries in every way I can.**
    • I vow to promote and support the work of the Order.***

    The Three Vows of the Order.****

    • The Order vows to help promote and support your healing ministry.
    • The Order vows to help you with your spiritual development.
    • The Order vows to use your support to carry out its purpose.

    *In order to keep the Kahu informed of the progress of Alakai ministries around the world, Alakai are requested to provide a quarterly summary of their work for the Order to the Kahu. These summaries are the responsibility of the Alakai and there will be no reminders.

    **Working with fellow Alakai as stated includes helping to promote each others' Alakai activities and services in a reasonable way when requested, providing hospitality to visiting Alakai when feasible, and giving reasonable discounts to fellow Alakai for one's own Alakai-related activities and services.

    ***Promoting the work of the Order includes giving out free publications and information provided by the Order, directing people to the Order's websites and to Order-sponsored activities, and representing the Order when requested and as feasible. Supporting the Order includes tithing and participating in Order-sponsored activities whenever possible. Alakai are expected to tithe as much as they can as frequently as they can, but at least some amount each year according to circumstances. In cases where tithing directly to the Order is not feasible because of currency problems, a local tithing account may be established which will be used for special projects by agreement with the Kahu. Tithing in kind may also be done with the agreement of the Kahu when such tithing provides a tangible benefit to the Order that helps it carry out its purpose.

    ****The vows of the Alakai and of the Order are considered permanent and do not need to be renewed.

    Candidate status may be terminated for non-completion of the pre-requisites within a period of five years, for not submitting any monthly reports for one year, or for not tithing for one year.

    Alakai status may be suspended or terminated by the Order for reasons of gross misconduct, breaking of vows, negligence of the ministry, or by a written request of resignation from the Alakai to the Order for any reason.

    Suspended status means that the name of the suspended Alakai will be temporarily removed from all Alakai-related information and notification lists. Normal status may be reinstated by request from the Alakai and with agreement of the Kahu.

    Termination or resignation means that all records of the Alakai will be removed from the Order's Alakai-related files and lists. Other files, lists, and associations with the Order may or may not be affected, depending on the circumstances.

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