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An Answer to a Tough Question
by Serge Kahili King

A number of people over the years have asked me why some things happen so easily for some people, while others have to put a lot of effort into programming for them. And why one person finds some things are brought about easily while he or she has to program hard for other things. The question has always reminded me of a magazine ad I once saw that featured two babies in diapers sitting on a blanket. The baby on the left was looking placidly at the camera while holding a silver spoon in its mouth. The baby on the right had what can only be described as an avaricious look on its face and it was reaching for the spoon. The message was that some people are born to wealth, while others have to do something to get it. That still leaves the question open, however, and it isn't limited to wealth. Some things are easier for some people and harder for others in all areas of life. Why?

There are many answers, depending on your philosophy and culture.

Predestination is one answer. In this philosophy everything is predetermined, either by God in some form or by impersonal Fate. The upside is that it's not your fault. The downside is that it leaves you helpless.

Another answer is "karma." The popular conception of this idea is that your experience in this life is determined by your behavior in a previous life. The upside is that if you were a good boy or girl you will have a good life this time around, and the downside is that if you were a bad boy or girl you will have to pay off your "karmic debt" by experiencing whatever bad things you did to other people. Two more downsides, of course, are that it leaves you just as helpless and it is your fault.

A third one is that it's all God's Will. By this theory, God has a Plan in which you are required to play a part, even though he doesn't tell you what it is. The upside is that everything is God's fault. The downside is that it doesn't matter what you do or don't do - God will always decide the outcome.

There are lots of other answers, naturally, including the fairly popular one that says all the good stuff that happens is due to God, and all the bad stuff that happens is the Devil's fault, but most of them are simply variations on the theme of human helplessness. So, we'll skip all the others and go straight to Huna philosophy.

Just in case you haven't memorized it yet, Huna philosophy says that the world is what you think it is, there are no limits, energy flows where attention goes, now is the moment of power, and effectiveness is the measure of truth.

In this context, the answer to the question at the beginning of the article is that it has to do with what you believe about yourself and about life. Right now you are manifesting everything in your life quite automatically without any apparent effort. When you have no blocks about a particular thing, the slightest thought can bring it into your experience. People who seem unusually lucky in certain areas simply have no fears or doubts to get in the way in those areas. So they can decide on something related to those areas and have it happen with ease.

It is when you want to change a long-standing conditions in your life in a conscious way that you often have to apply so much time and energy in manifesting the change. This is because you must also change the beliefs that brought you to your present condition. When changes seem to occur on their own, it is because you haven't noticed a more gradual change in beliefs that has been taking place on a "subconscious" level.

You manifest your own reality. But it is the total "you" that does this, not the conscious mind alone. To put it accurately, your Higher Self creates your reality according to the beliefs you have established in your Ku. And those beliefs are established by concentrated attention and repetition by your Lono.

To change your experience, you must change yourself. The rule of life is that you get what you concentrate on. Just be sure you know exactly what it is that you are concentrating on. Many think they are concentrating on having health, wealth, love, success, or spirituality, when they are really concentrating on the lack of it. Manifesting something very different in your life will depend on the strength of your motivation, the persistence of your concentration on what you want instead of what you don't want, and the degree of confidence you have that the Universe will help you get the best possible outcome according to these factors.

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