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A Dynamind Glossary

Stated expectation that the problem is not permanent and that relief is possible. Part of the Dynamind Statement.

Directed Breath
Shifting attention from one place to another while breathing.

short for Dynamind

"The Dynamind Locksmith"
A form of DMT in which a Symkey is used to release an Emlock. Generally inserted between the Declaration and the Layer Release.

"The Dynamind Motivator"
A variation of DMT in which the Declaration takes the form "I have the power to (feel good), yes I do. Make it happen; make it so!" See also Motivator

The name of the technique; a contraction of "dynamic mind." The "Dynamind Technique" may be contracted to "DMT."

"Emotional lock," an emotionally-based resistance to change.

Intensity Scale
An imagined scale describing the intensity of a symptom, with "0" equal to no symptom and "10" equal to unbearable. Most used for demonstration purposes or by practitioners with clients before a session and after each round to increase awareness of changes in the symptoms.

A specific problem in addition to the first or main problem.

Layer Focus
A specific symptom in a specific layer of tension.

Layer Release
The relieving of one or more layers of tension by touching certain points on the body.

The apparent stacking of physical tension in the body.

The motivation for continuing a specific behavior. See also Dynamind Motivator

Opaque Layer
Tension which masks a deeper layer of tension.

One sequence of the steps used in practicing Dynamind.

An acknowledgement of the problem, a declaration of expectation, and a specific directive.

Stress Reaction
a group of behaviors which arise in response to stressors.

any event or experience which exerts stress on the mind or body.

Anything which initiates a stress reaction.

A symbol used to reinforce intention and motivation.

"Symbolic key," an imagined symbol designed to change an Emlock.

The specific experience of the effects of tension.

"Tap it in"
Refers to reinforcing intention and motivation with Dynamind.

"Tap it out"
Refers to resolving a problem with Dynamind.

physical tension which results from resisting stressors.

Transparent Layer
Tension which allows awareness of other layers.

The changing of a symbol of the symptom.
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