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Dr. Serge Kahili King does live demonstrations of the Dynamind Technique throughout a Dynamind Workshop. The results of most of these demonstrations are described in the pages listed below in an abbreviated form. When used, the letter "L" designates the intensity of the symptom as perceived by the subject on an imaginary scale from "0" (no pain) to "10" (intense pain). The letter "R " designates one "round," or full application of the technique as described in Dynamind Manual. The term layer, if used, refers to a working theory that physical tension occurs in layers, and that relaxation consists of relieving one or more individual layers. The term " symkey, when used, indications the addition of a symbolic image into a round.

As these are simply notes, only significant variations on the basic statement ("I have a problem and that can change; I want that problem to go away") are used, while the tapping/touching and final breath are assumed for every round. The last comment of each round gives the results of that round. The demonstrations are short - usually under a minute, and rarely over five - so not every case is carried to completion.

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