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Dynamind Workshop Demonstrations - Europe 2001

Basel, Switzerland, March 17-18, 2001
1. Woman: Pain in neck for five years, L8.
R1 - down to L2;
R2 - down to L0.

2. Woman: Knife-like pain between shoulders for about 1 year at L8.
R1 - knife-like feeling gone, pain on right side gone, pain down to L5.
R2 - knife-like pain in neck and shoulder on left side of back, feels energy moving.
R3 - symkey to remove knife stimulates flow of energy, pain still there but significantly changed.

3. Woman: Bladder infection for years, strong pain "like a laser" for four days.
R1 - "My bladder is angry." Down to L4-5.
R2 - "My bladder is feeling angry." Down to L2.

4. Man: Clogged sinuses.
R1 - "Clogging in my sinuses." Small change.
R2 - "My sinuses are frustrated..." Down to L2. New layer of burning in chest.

5. Woman: Low level of hearing in left ear. She has used toning, metaphysical healing and treatment for infection with no result.
R1 - "My left ear is afraid..." Felt heat in ear.
R2 - Same statement. Small difference noted, but did not want to continue.

6. Woman: Nearsighted. Could only see colors and hair in first row without glasses on.
R - "Tension." Could see space where eyes would be on face.
R2 - "Tension." Could see better, much clearer up close.
R3 - Back of head focus added. Could see people more clearly.

7. Woman: Pain in throat.
R1 - "Tension." Small change.
R2 - Instruction to speak from navel. Some relief.

8. Man: Tension in neck, dizziness and some fear.
R1 - "Tension." Tension gone, feels fear in chest.
R2 - "Fear." Fear and dizziness all gone.

9. Man: Anger at having been betrayed by mother.
R1 - "Feeling of betrayal." Shift to weakness in legs.
R2 - Added "Skinny Description" technique: "I feel unhappy in my heart because my mother did not give me enought attention..." Weakness gone.
R3 - "I was afraid because my mother was afraid..." Anger all gone.

10. Woman: Conflict about reaching a goal because of resistance by mother. Sad about mother's behavior, angry at her own.
R1 - "When I think about my mother's behavior I feel sad in the center of my body..." Feeling dizzy, has to breathe more deeply, sadness changed to trembling in solar plexus.
R2 - "When I think about my mother's behavior I feel trembling in the center of my body..." Shift to trembling in legs.
R3: "When I think about my mother's behavior I feel trembling in my legs..." Trembling gone, feels more self assured.

11. Woman: In a partnership where both people are critical.
R1 - "When I think of this person criticizing me I feel tension in my solar plexus..." Tension lessens, feels trembling in same area.
R2 - "When I think of this person criticizing me I feel trembling in my solar plexus..." Trembling gone, the feeling now seems to be outside of her.

12. Woman: Wants to help a child without criticizing.
R1 - "When I think about what my child did I feel the urge to criticize in my chest..." Urge gone. 13. Woman: Wants to find a perfect place for a new office.
R1 - "I have some doubts about finding a perfect office..." Less doubt.
R2 - "I do not have as much confidence as I want to have..." More confidence.
R3 - "I want my perfect office, I am confident I will have it, make it happen..." Feels courageous.

14. Man: Under stress with pain in chest.
R1 - Pain gone.

15. Woman: Doubts about ability to follow purpose.

R1 - "I have doubts..." Feels excited and legs trembling.
R2 - "I want to follow my purpose, I can..." Feels more centered.
R3 - Same statement with more strength. Feels more confident.

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Vienna, Austria, March 24-25, 2001
1. Woman: Pain in right elbow for five months at L6.
R1 - "Pain." L5.
R2 - Same. L3.
R3 - Same. L0. 2. Woman: Pain in lower back at L7.
R1 - "Pain." L3-4.
R2 - Same. L2 - almost gone.

3. Man: Broken left arm not healing well, pain below elbow at L5.
R1 - "Pain." L2.
R2 - "I want to move my arm normally..." Could move it a little more easily.
R3 - "Tension." Could move it even more easily.

4. Woman: Guilt plus farsightedness - could only see print about 4" from face.
R1 - "I cannot see clearly in my right eye..." Could see better, about 8-10" inches from face.
R2 - "My right eye is feeling guilty..." Could see much better.

5. Woman: Could not see faces of people in front row.
R1 - "I want to see more clearly..." Small change.
R2 - "My eyes have tension..." Could see a little better.
R3 - Back of head focus added. More improvement.

6. Woman: Ache in arms.
R1 - "Ache." No change.
R2 - "My left arm is angry..." Small change.
R3 - Symkey added for feeling of a thick pin in arm. Pain in arms gone. Pain shifted to left hand.
R4 - Symkey for a pin in left hand. Pain gone.

7. Woman: Fear of flying.
R1 - "When I think of flying I feel anxiety in my chest..." Shift to feeling of sadness on right side.
R2 - "When I think of flying I feel sadness in my right side..." New feeling that it could be an adventure.

8. Woman: Allergy reactions - swelling of eyes, running nose, frequent trips to bathroom, no particular body area, feels like it is raining inside.
R1 - Symkey for rain feeling (feel clouds move and sun come out, feel water drying up). Good feeling of wind inside instead of rain and body symptoms better.

9. Woman. Feels ignored with emotional pain in her heart.
R1 - "Feel ignored..." Small change.
R2 - "Pain in heart." Feels not as distant from person.
R3 - "I want to feel closer..." Feels like she could feel closer and that she can continue on her own.

10. Woman: Feels hurt in heart because of criticism from husband and son.
R1 - "When I think of hurt..." Feeling moves to throat and changes to strangling.
R2 - "When I think...I feel strangling..." Shift to pressure in right side of jaw.
R3 - "When I think...I feel pressure..." Pressure gone, vibration in legs and body. Suggested she dwell on things she likes about them.

11. Woman: Fear and anger toward her mother.
R1 - Fear and anger replaced by self esteem.

12. Woman: Wants to feel free to make a choice.
R1 - "I want to feel free to do the right thing..." Feelings of doubt in her face.
R2 - "Feeling doubt..." Feels strong and that she can make the right decision.

13. Woman: Anxiety about debt.
R1 - "When I think about how to get rid of my debt I feel anxiety and panic in my stomach..." Shift to a exploding feeling in her throat.
R2 - "When I think...I have an exploding feeling..." Feels more empowered.

14. Man: Wants to allow "grace" to be present in his life.
R1 - "When I think about allowing grace to be present I feel tension..." No change.
R2 - Symkey for whatever is preventing grace to be present. Underground dome to opening observatory dome. Feels more energy and hands get sweaty.
R3 - "When I think...sweaty hands..." Shaking in legs and more sweatiness in hands.
R4 - Symkey for sweatiness - river or lake. Changed to beautiful mountain lake, but that didn't feel right and he wanted to continue on his own (Note: could have used fear of allowing grace in).

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Vienna, Austria, March 26-27, 2001
1. Woman: Pain in shoulder for 2 years, L7-8.
R1 - "Pain." L3.
R2 - "Some pain." L2.
R3 - Same. L1-2.

2. Woman: Pain in top part of left hand at L7 and cannot close her fingers.
R1 - "Pain." L4.
R2 - "Some pain." L0-1 and could close her hand.

3. Woman: Pain in left shoulder at L6.
R1 - "Pain." L2-3 and new pain on right side of neck.
R2 - "Pain on right side of neck." L2-3.
R3 - "Some pain." L0.

4. Woman: Difficulty breathing after exertion for four years. Had her run a short distance.
R1 - "Difficulty breathing." A lot better.
R2 - "Still some difficulty." Problem gone.

5. Man: Deep red rash around mouth, on hands and body. Decided to work on left hand first.
R1 - "There is anger in my left hand..." Some tension release.
R2 - Same. Upper body not so hot, feels energy in legs. Suggested he continue on his own as there are many layers of anger to work on. People noticed a change in the color of his face.

6. Man: Tinnitus in right ear at L4.
R1 - "Tinnitus." Symkey for high frequency saw, turned down a dial. L3-5.
R2 - "Tension in my shoulders." Shoulders softer.
R3 - Same. Much less tension.
R4 - "Tension in right ear." Sound much lower.

7. Woman: Feeling of a dense cap around her head for 2 months.
R1 - "Feeling of denseness." Feeling got stronger around her ears and also moved into her lower body.
R2 - "Feeling of denseness around my ears." Everything felt in motion and denseness was cleared.

8. Woman: Anger toward her father.
R1 - "When I think of my father I feel anger in my stomach..." Shifted to fear in her whole body.
R2 - "When I think...I feel fear in my whole body..." Fear gone totally.

9. Woman: Anger toward someone.
R1 - "When I think about what this person did I feel anger in my bones..." Cleared somewhat.
R2 - Same. Added symkey of memory change (take color out, turn upside down, move it far away). Almost gone.

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Starnberg, Germany, March 30/April 4
1. Woman: Pain in heart area at L7-8 and difficulty sleeping.
R1 - "I have pain." L4.5.
R2 - Same. L3.

2. Man: Pressure in his chest at L5.
R1 - "Pressure." L4.5.
R2 - Same. Added symkey for feeling of pole pushing against chest; pulled it away. Still there, but moved to left and widened up.
R3 - "My chest is afraid of something..." Shift to feeling of anxiety.
R4 - "Feeling anxiety..." Some relief.

3. Woman: Pain in tendon of right ankle at L3-4.
R1 - "Pain." L2.
R2 - Same. Still there.
R3 - "Tendon is feeling fear..." L1.5.

4. Woman: Five years of pain at the end of her intestine at L4.5 and difficulty sitting.
R1 - "Pain." Small change.
R2 - "There is fear at the end..." Small change.
R3 - "The end of my intestine is holding onto something..." L3.
R4 - "The end of my intestine is resisting something..." More diffused.
R5 - "I feel a sense of contracting at the end..." This felt like it was having a better effect. Let her continue on her own and at the end of the day she said all the pain was gone.
5. Man: Occasional bleeding from a scar on the forehead.
R1 - "The left side of my forehead is angry..." Feeling of coolness.

6. Woman: Short-sightedness.
R1 - "I'm not able to see the front row clearly..." Back of head focus. Able to see more clearly.

7. Man: Tinnitus in both ears for a long time.
R1 - Used a Hawaiian massage technique to release shoulder tension. Tension less.
R2 - "Tension." Added symkey to turn down sound level. Sound gone, shift to pain at 7th cervical.
R3 - "Pain." Pain and tinnitus gone.

8. Woman: Anger at someone.
R1- "When I think of this person I feel anger in my throat..." Pain shifted to base of throat.
R2 - "Feel anger at base of throat." Feels lighter, more diffused, and a nervous feeling in the legs.
R3 - "Feel tingling in my legs." Tingling reduced, now weakness in shoulders.
R4 - "Feel weakness in my shoulders." Energy moving all around the body. No anger.

9. Woman: Guilt.
R1 - "When I think about this I feel guilt in my bowels..." Knees now feel weak.
R2 - "Weakness in my knees." Whole body feels weak.
R3 - "Whole body feels weak." Feels like a dumpling in her throat.
R4 - "Dumpling." added symkey to take the dumpling out. Complete relief.

10. Woman: Feels criticized.
R1 - "When I think of this critical person I feel weak in my chest..." Feels stronger in the chest and legs are trembling.
R2 - "...I feel trembling in my legs..." Felt calmed down feeling of being criticized much less.

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