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Dynamind Workshop Demonstrations - Europe 2002

London, May 11-12, 2002
1. Man with low level pain in his lower back.
R1 for pain: Pain gone.

2. Woman with pain on the right side of her head since early morning, L5.
R1 for pain: Pain lessened to L3.
R2 for pain: Pain down to L1.

3. Woman with pain in the front of her head for two days, L7.
R1 for pain: Pain gone.

4. Woman with pressure on her face and neck.
R1 for pressure: Pressure less, but now nausea appears.
R2 for fear in stomach: Symptom changes to dizziness.
R3 for dizzy feeling: Gone.

5. Woman with uncomfortable feeling in her stomach.
R1 for uncomfortable feeling: No change.
R2 for removing symbol of an octopus: Feeling gone.

6. Woman with tiredness in her eyes.
R1 for tiredness: No change.
R2 for symbol of an angel taking a blue, triangular, ten-pound object out of her eyes: Tiredness gone.

7. Woman with no sense of smell for past six months.
R1 for smelling properly: Some clearing of tension around her nose, but no change in smelling.
Note: The next day this woman reported that her sense of smell was coming back.

8. Woman with an infection in her right gum causing uncomfortable swelling.
R1 for anger in the gum: A small change.
R2 for symbol of a balloon deflating: Gum felt not as swelled.
R3 for forgiveness: No change. Advised to continue with symbol work.

9. Woman with a recurring image of falling into a hole, possibly related a childhood experience of being at her father's burial, and producing a sense of numbness in her chest when she thinks of the image.
R1 for the feeling of numbness: The feeling was entirely gone when thinking of the image.

10. Woman with itching in her right hand.
R1 for "My right hand may be resisting moving forward in the areas I want to go...": No change.
R2 for "My hand may be afraid of the direction I want to go...": No change.
R3 for "My hand may be angry about the direction I want to go..." Sensation changed. Recommended that she continue working with anger.

11. Woman with a relationship problem.
R1 for "When I think of this relationship I feel frustration in the center of my body...": Feeling the the center of the body gone, but vibration in both arms appeared.
R2 for vibration in her arms: Vibration gone, but shaky legs appeared.
R3 for feeling of shakiness: Problem gone, feeling fine.

12. Woman with a weight problem.
R1 for "When I think about how I am right now I don't feel good in the center of my body...": Feeling gone. Suggested that the first thing to work on in weight problems is the feeling about the problem

13. Woman with a fear of becoming fat like her mother.
R1 for feeling fear in her stomach: Feeling shifted to her chest.
R2 for feeling fear in her chest: Feeling shifted to her head.
R3 for feeling fear in her head: Layers of tension cleared spontaneously, she had a broad smile and said she felt fine.

14. Woman with feelings of constriction in the upper part of her body when thinking of things she did and didn't do in a relationship.
R1 for these feelings: She felt lighter and felt something changing, and wanted to continue on her own.

15. Woman with a fear of heights, manifesting as nausea and a feeling of falling forward.
R1 for the feeling when thinking of being on something high. Feeling lessened.
R2 for the feeling: She felt a lot better. Had her stand on the edge of a stage and she didn't feel like she was going to fall over.

16. Man with a fear of King prawns with eyes (no fear of headless ones), manifesting as excessive perspiration at the thought of having to eat them that way.
R1 for the fear of perspiring when thinking about eating them: Feeling changed to heat in his head and perspiring palms.
R2 for these symptoms when thinking about eating the prawns: Able to think about eating prawns with eyes without any symptoms.

17. Man with a feeling of panic in his chest when thinking about driving on the motorway.
R1 for this feeling: Panic feeling gone.

18. Woman with anxiety feelings in her solar plexus when thinking about a specific thing.
R1 for the feelings: Somewhat better.
R2 for the feelings: A lot lighter.
R3 for "When I think of this thing I want to feel positive...": Her hand started to shake.
R4 for hand shaking: Feeling a lot better.
R5 for "When I think about this thing I really want to feel positive...": Felt more confident about continuing on her own.

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Vienna, May 24, 2002, evening seminar
1. Woman with bruised ribs on her left side.
R1 for pain: No change in pain, but she felt very warm.
R2 for possible anger in her side: Felt very warm in that area.
R3 for possible fear in her side: Felt much better.

2. Woman with pain on the left side of her neck, L5.
R1 for pain: Reduced to L3.
R2 for pain: Just a little bit left.

3. Woman who feels panic in her solar plexus when she goes into the water. Working with this information gave no results until we were able to specify the exact nature of the problem. it turned out that the woman experienced feelings of panic only when thinking about a swimming pool with blue water, two meters away, and more than four meters wide. She had no fear of a pool that was farther away, or one that had green water. Also, there was no transition in her fear. In other words, it was total panic or nothing. The panic tension was so strong that DMT could not affect it. I had to find a transition point, i.e., an experience of lesser tension, in order to begin a process of change. This happened when I suggested blue-green water. At this point the problem became a sensation like a stone in her solar plexus. I will call the next step Round One.
R1 for the symbol of an angel taking away the stone and turning it into butterflies: Felt better and had no problem thinking of a blue-green pool. Suggestions were given for working with incremental changes of color, size and distance until the problem was resolved.

4. Woman with self-directed anger because of a specific event in her life.
R1 for feelings of anger in her stomach when thinking of the event: Sensation changed to trembling in her knees.
R2 for the trembling: The trembling was gone and she felt very strong.

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Basel, May 30, 2002, one-day seminar
1. Woman with pain in her right breast, L5-6
R1 for pain: Pain gone.

2. Woman with pain in her middle back, L4-5.
R1 for pain: Reduced to L2 and some dizziness appears.
R2 for pain: Pain and dizziness gone.

3. Woman with pain in the back of her right shoulder and in her right ear, L8.
R1 for pain in the shoulder: Pain gone from ear and reduced in the shoulder.
R2 for tension in her shoulder: Pain gone.

4. Woman with tension down the center of her body when thinking about a specific situation.
R1 for tension: Felt sick in her stomach.
R2 for that sensation: Felt like crying from the neck up.
R3 for feeling like crying when thinking about the situation: Felt better about the situation, will continue on her own.

5. Woman who wants to gain weight.
R1 for difficulty in gaining weight: Not sure if it is possible.
R2 for possible fear in her body about gaining weight: Felt a little better about the possibility, especially in her shoulders.

6. Woman unable to see people in front row clearly without her glasses. She was instructed to close her eyes during the process and open them after to check on changes.
R1 for tension in her eyes: Could see people on left side of front row a little better, but not directly in front.
R2 for possibility that the eyes are afraid of something: Vision worsened.
R3 for same fear, plus "whatever they are afraid of is not important anymore, and I want to be able to open my eyes without fear.": Crying and feeling of sadness in the upper front part of her body.
R4 for the sadness: Felt much better and could see better.

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