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Die Menehune Lagune auf Deutsch

On the North Shore of Kauai, at the very end of the road where the Kalalau Trail starts winding its way above the steep Na Pali cliffs, there is a special place called Ke'e Lagoon. For most visitors it is just a pretty place to swim and snorkel, but the locals know that the waters there have a kind of energy that heals the body, mind and spirit. Nearby are the remains of an ancient temple, Ka Ulu O Paoa, which was used for spiritual communication, and this area was also home to the mysterious Menehune people whose magical powers would always be available to friendly humans.. When you are on Kauai it is a wonderful place to go for meditation and inner guidance.

When you are not on Kauai you can come here to Menehune Lagoon for an online version of the same thing. If you feel a need or desire for inner guidance as a way to start the day, for resolving personal problems, or for helping you along your path, type a question or keywords in the box below and then roll your cursor over the wall that surrounds the lagoon until you feel like clicking on a petroglyph. In moments you will get a Hawaiian proverb and translation based on a Huna principle that will relate to your question, as well as several possible interpretations. Same or similar petroglyphs in a different location will bring up a different answer. Feel free to return as often as you like.

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